The Subtle Power of Shyness

Are you shy. Do you feel awkward around other people. Is speaking to another human painful. Your voice so quiet no one hears you. Is your body constantly embarrassing you. Breaking into a profuse sweat at the slightest hint of having to interact, be in public. Do you feel as though a rather menacing spotlight... Continue Reading →

Tweet #4

"I can usually sense what you want me to say... but it takes me a while to decide if I am willing to say it. That is why I am silent." - @UrsusAbstrusus

When You Can’t Say What You Want To Say

This is a problem I have encountered my entire life. I know that many people experience something similar. Perhaps everyone feels this way. Expressing yourself, your true feelings and thoughts can be difficult. Some cover it up by not talking at all, others by talking too much, and all the shades in between. I used... Continue Reading →

Sour Grapes of Wrath

The post I wrote yesterday hit a raw nerve within me. I must confess that I hesitated for a long time before I posted it. I almost didn’t, but then I dared myself. I felt very exposed after I did, which is why I didn’t spend too much time on tumblr afterwards. I closed my... Continue Reading →

Stop the Voices!

I am telephone phobic. I have always been shy where the telephone is concerned, but the phobia only developed when I was overexposed to people who had verbal diarrhoea of a very negative kind. It all started out when I offered a helping hand to someone who not only accepted my hand, but took my... Continue Reading →

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