Ghosts In The Brain – Ghost #Shhh – Paranoia due to Life Experience

My Astrological Chart

Recently, since I started doing the Ghosts in the Brain series, I’ve been contemplating doing something which I am very wary of doing. It goes against every secretive bone in my psyche’s ethereal body. I learned very early in life never to reveal something about yourself which someone can and may use against you. That grew to encompass everything about myself. However I also learned later on that keeping things secret can also be used against you, even if those of ill intent don’t know what the secret is. So, it’s a bit of a crap shoot.

Since I’m doing this Ghosts in the Brain series using my astrological data in tandem with my knowledge of the inner workings of myself, I’m posting my natal chart for anyone who is interested in it.

To those who have asked me for this information in the past, and to whom I have replied that I very rarely give out this information… Perhaps you can tell me which part of my chart shows my tendency to challenge myself when I say I rarely do or am never going to do something 😉

I should add that I often do things like this when I am feeling trapped by my own rules. And when I think someone has a hold over me, and I want to get myself out of the hold by nullifying the power of whatever they were using to restrain me.

This is a me challenging myself scenario.

I’ve kept the chart simple. I use Placidus because I know intuitively that this chart fits me, and just like with clothes, they should fit me rather than the other way around. So, I have not included asteroids and such. Except for Chiron, because I feel his pain. I am not particularly interested in the others at the moment, if they want my attention they will let me know 😉

So, ta dah! This means a lot to me, even if it means nothing to anyone else.