Ghosts In The Brain – Ghost #Shhh – Paranoia due to Life Experience

My Astrological Chart

Recently, since I started doing the Ghosts in the Brain series, I’ve been contemplating doing something which I am very wary of doing. It goes against every secretive bone in my psyche’s ethereal body. I learned very early in life never to reveal something about yourself which someone can and may use against you. That grew to encompass everything about myself. However I also learned later on that keeping things secret can also be used against you, even if those of ill intent don’t know what the secret is. So, it’s a bit of a crap shoot.

Since I’m doing this Ghosts in the Brain series using my astrological data in tandem with my knowledge of the inner workings of myself, I’m posting my natal chart for anyone who is interested in it.

To those who have asked me for this information in the past, and to whom I have replied that I very rarely give out this information… Perhaps you can tell me which part of my chart shows my tendency to challenge myself when I say I rarely do or am never going to do something 😉

I should add that I often do things like this when I am feeling trapped by my own rules. And when I think someone has a hold over me, and I want to get myself out of the hold by nullifying the power of whatever they were using to restrain me.

This is a me challenging myself scenario.

I’ve kept the chart simple. I use Placidus because I know intuitively that this chart fits me, and just like with clothes, they should fit me rather than the other way around. So, I have not included asteroids and such. Except for Chiron, because I feel his pain. I am not particularly interested in the others at the moment, if they want my attention they will let me know 😉

So, ta dah! This means a lot to me, even if it means nothing to anyone else.


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  1. lol you are an interesting woman! Love the way you accept contradicting yourself and doesn’t fear to express the same 😉 I am afraid I didn’t get what exactly you are seeking from the reader’s response 🙂 I read that you want to know what part of your chart makes you challenge yourself but I am not sure about the focus

    Our chart, or rather our personality is a composition of three components, mainly the ascendent, the sun sign and the moon sign. Each of them are equally important to discover ourselves in harmony with our soul’s lessons and purpose. I have been reading more on the vedic astrology literature. I have got my birth details in both western and vedic charts, and I found the vedic one to be more accurate. I was surprised to find out both of them differ even in the planet placement and that’s a major flaw when you get your planet placements in the wrong sign and houses!

    I see you have used the western chart but then you confirm that you can relate yourself to the placement. However I suggest you to also take a look at the vedic one 🙂 The moon chart holds higher degree of importance as it represents a psychological health of the person, which means how well one is able to handle the situations he is gifted through his ascendent chart. When one has a strong mind and a weak conditions in relation to the physical, social, economic aspects, one can still overcome the barriers and come out stronger and more spiritual. instead, if one has a weak mind but enriched with all the resources in life, he can still suffer with disappointments and dissatisfaction

    Even though your sun is in Capricorn, your moon still resides in Virgo and again in the ascendent making you validate your emotions. No matter your ego represents Capricorn personality, your mind (what you really feel from inside) is that of a healer 🙂 Moon being the 11th lord of your chart in Asc says that nourishment comes to you through your own dreams and desires. I am not able to read the above chart pattern because of its maze structure. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe your Venus is in Pisces and in such sign it is exalted making you further a compassionate person when it comes to other people’s issues especially relationships as it sits in the 7th house. Venus being the 9th lord also says that you bring or willing to bring higher philosophies of art and pleasure, of spiritual love into your relationships with other people (not limited to romance). Sun is the 12 house, and 12 house is a wonderful house representing our past karma, spiritual understanding and hidden desires When sun comes into the 5th house of creativity, no wonder how extrovertly you express those issues through your art 🙂

    Likewise, there are similar aspects of other planets influencing the chart that could result in pages of information. My apologies if what I write above is something you weren’t looking for, however, I just wanted to share the beauty of your chart that amplifies your soul in truth


    1. Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

      The Vedic version of my chart, although very interesting and worth considering, doesn’t capture me as well as the Western take on it. Or my take on the Western take of it.

      On consideration I think the Vedic chart captures more how others may experience me better than the Western chart, but the Western chart is more how I experience myself.

      I had a friend who was very into astrology insist that the Draconic chart was a better expression of soul than any other chart, when I pointed out that my Draconic chart was only slightly different by a few degrees from my actual chart… they dismissed me as being an aberration and rather annoying (based on where they were going with it, which was mostly to do with not wanting to be their Western chart). Which actually ties into my chart’s mojo rather well…

      I tend to annoy people (but not always) by embracing the ‘ugly’ as beautiful and sometimes questioning the ‘beautiful’… Uranus and Pluto in the 1st… likes to break conventional rules. Venus in Pisces… everything is beautiful! Virgo Moon and rising, plus Pluto… likes to double check by dissecting and analysing.

      How we use astrology, what appeals to us, what repels us… what we pay attention to, what we ignore, says more about us than interpretations ever could…

      It’s intensely fun to explore ourselves using astrology… but we still have tha last word (right or wrong or both or neither).

      I really love what you’ve shared… thank you very much for many things, for inspiration… and for reminding me of this series which I’d almost forgotten about.

      Transiting Pluto in conjunct my Sun at the moment, all the outer planets are conjunct my natal planets… time to review things and transform them… perhaps into their original form!

      This above all… to thine own self be true (which can be quite a labyrinth to navigate).


      1. Oh no, I didn’t interpret the chart according to the vedic pattern but only referring to the placements displayed in the image that you’ve uploaded. I had asked you to even take a look at the vedic version which in my case was more closer to my personality than the western one, where the position of the planets totally differed in relation to their signs and house placement which is a major flaw, as that changes the interpretation totally 🙂
        I never heard of Draconic chart before. I might well google it for more.
        You are so honest in your opinions. You amuse me when and how often you say the way you annoy people! 🙂
        What you speak of astrology above is true. I am using the same tools to discover my own self. However I am still naive in understanding the transits part.
        I am glad to have found your blog while searching for astrology articles. I am keen to read your other posts too.


        1. Thank you 🙂

          Don’t mind me… I’m a little bit crazy, courtesy perhaps of having the outer planets in personal positions – Uranus and Pluto in the 1st tends to make people eccentric (or at least that’s my excuse).

          You can find a better version of my chart in this recent post (including transits) –

          I agree, it’s important to find the chart which works for you. The chart should reflect you, rather than you trying to fit the chart. Many people prefer the vedic chart, and it’s a great system to work with. Quite a few people like using the Progressed chart instead of the natal chart, as it shows in theory where you are now in life, how your natal placements have moved since birth. It’s interesting to explore.

          Astrodienst ( has an extended chart selection section which offers all the variations on charts, including other systems. They have the draconic chart option.

          This is a good place to start exploring Draconic charts – – she’s a quirky astrologer, and there are links at the bottom of the article to other sites which have written about it.

          Transits are very interesting, they often help to clarify what’s going on now. A transit to a natal placement can focus energy in that part of your chart, so checking it out can be informative and put things in perspective.

          This is a great blog for understanding the transits and how they work –

          and this blog is also excellent –

          as well as this one (although sometimes this one annoys me 😉 ) –

          And this –

          I find it especially worth checking out where my dominant planet is in transit and how it affects my natal placement, as it often reflects where my mind is and what’s going on with it – due to it being Mercury.

          I also like to keep track of the Moon, as it often explains what’s going on emotionally (I have a locomotive shaped chart with the Moon powering it – so the Moon is my engine). For more on chart shapes, this is quite a good place to go –

          When working with astrology always follow your interests, your intuitive inclination, and have fun with it! It’s about you getting to know yourself better, let yourself be your guide 🙂

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    I just came across the above article and I noticed that many things that was being said could be seen in the different aspects of the chart. I dont know if you already noticed these :

    Uranus trine Mercury ( you know what it means.. Access to information from the collective Mind)
    Jupiter trine mercury (grasping of concepts and being able to articulate whatever has been grasped in coded form)
    If 2nd house shows attitude towards ownership:
    Jupiter in Libra h2- Ruler Venus in Pisces H6..(whatever knowledge you own, you enjoy sharing, it belongs to one and all, and is given in service!?)
    Neptune in 3rd: Information floats around feeling, one should’nt try to grasp it
    Neptune square Venus which furthur rules h2: fuzzy boundaries regarding ownership.?!


    1. An astrologer once asked me about my attitude towards sharing in connection with natal Jupiter in the 2nd. We have chart similarities. She is – – and she does some great profiles on well known people’s charts where she overlays their chart with their life and their self expression. My favourite ones are those on Jack Kerouac and Steve Jobs. Through her work I learned to see my chart at work in the way I am and express myself. Very much like what you’ve been doing with my chart.

      Sometimes when I write something I can hear my chart talking, but not just my natal positions talking but also the experiences of transits. The post which you analysed from an astrological angle does contain the parts of my chart which you’ve pointed out, but it also contains the experience of transits and of life. I didn’t always think that way, but I have always been aware of the concept of sharing. There is a lot which I did not say in this post, it’s the surface of a much deeper conversation which I have been having with myself since I was a child.

      So do you do this with your own writing and chart?


  3. Yeah it is confusing because there are layers upon layers. But I agree again, it is fun trying to figure it all out and the discovery of something new. I love that especially when comes via unexpected ways.


  4. I’m gonna take a stab in the dark on this. Ruler of the 3rd in the 1st, co-ruler of the 3rd in the 3rd, natural ruler of the 1st in the 3rd, Sun and Mercury in the 5th with Mercury’s ruler in the 1st conjunct Pluto, Ruler of the 5th in Aries in the 8th.


    1. Spot on!

      It’s sometimes difficult to narrow down which planet or aspect is doing what when there are multiple connections with energies moving along all aspect lines and ties, such as the sign and house rulers, and then blending together. I get confused because sometimes I think it’s one thing, then later I think it’s another, and then I realise it is both and other stuff… it’s fun trying to figure it out, it can reveal things which weren’t spotted before.

      And then of course there are transits… 😉


      1. Actually I was looking at it this way: There is intense energy in H1-Pluto Uranus sweep your feet away sort. Then you have to find your feet/ground yourself in H2.. But then all that ruler in Pisces sq Neptune finds it difficult to find solid ground that you can trust will not dissolve away…
        Jupiter in Libra: cross cultural sharing grounds you. 2nd house is all that we substantiate in our lives, all that we give form to…sharing of personal experiences in a way you can see and touch(this blog??)



        1. If the above is true.. Then this blog gives you a sense of emotional safety and securitywhere you can return to at the end of the day ( since Jupiter rules 4th house of home) This blog gives you a feeling of ‘am home and I can unpool and unwrap myself here ‘


          1. That is definitely one way of looking at it which could be accurate in some ways, however it’s not the prime motivation for the blog, it’s not what powers the blog. This is not a comfort zone, but it does occasionally offer comfort. 🙂


        2. That’s an interesting view 🙂

          It’s tricky isn’t it, trying to find which parts of a natal chart relate to something because of all the interactions going on in a chart, just like all the ways the different aspects of our whole being interact. Very few things are on their own separate from the rest.

          What are you seeking to find in my chart and blog? Your natal Pluto in Scorpio connects to just about everything else in your chart, so I would hazard a guess your Pluto is seeking an answer or maybe a question which will lead to an answer to help you solve a personal riddle. What is that personal riddle?


          1. I am just navigating and exposing myself to a world unfamiliar to me..a world of Capricorn energy 😉

            I usually just wanna stroll by and not bother with comments..but sometimes the curiosity gets the better of me I guess..

            Pluto sextile Capri NN- I guess in case if I ever have a need to cut ties with the past and find my own feet..


            1. I’m very glad that you decided to comment on my blog, you have great insight and a beautiful soul to share 😀

              Finding our own feet gives us the ability to walk with confidence in ourselves.


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