Ghosts in the Brain – Ghost #2 – The Rage and The Fury

A friend pointed out to me the other day that I’ve developed the habit of covering my mouth. What are you not telling me, they asked, what are you stopping yourself from saying. At the time I had just pulled the collar of my sweater over the lower half of my face, so I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

My Anger is a Storm

My anger is a storm that rages inside Violent and warm it never subsides Exploding with crimson, scarlet, vermillion But my love is much stronger And lasts much longer… This is part of a poem I wrote many years ago. I used to be a rage-filled volcano, rumbling inside, never quite exploding, but always on... Continue Reading →

Psycho with a Pinch of Astro

There are certain things which I never share with people. Not because I’m stingy, but because some things are just not meant to be shared. They are private. There are some things which perhaps I should share, but I don’t because, well, I have many reasons for not sharing those things. By things I actually... Continue Reading →

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