A Thank You to All WordPressians… and Other Stuff

Thank you all for the Likes and Follows and Comments and attention.

I truly appreciate it, although I may have an odd way of showing appreciation, or at least I think I have an odd way of showing it. I try to do social etiquette stuff, but I find it trying. I’m a naturally rude person. Being rude doesn’t mean I’m not deeply grateful, it just means I’m not particularly dedicated to showing gratitude the conventional way. Have I alienated everyone yet? That’s one of my special gifts.

I was originally going to keep my WordPress private, as I created it to keep track of all my cyber bubbles… in other words, all the shit I’ve been getting up to on the internet since I entered the fray of social media. I’m a hermit at heart, so being social is… weird for me. But I decided to make my WordPress public because… thinking… reasons loading… please wait…. thank you for your patience… I saw keeping it private as backtracking, reverting to old habits of being overly secretive and private. And I’m trying to challenge my old ways. Not sure why. But it seems like a good idea. Then again most of the things which I consider to be good ideas, eventually look like bad ideas. Let’s move on, shall we.

Trying to decide which posts to transfer from tumblr to WordPress is… Not sure what it is. But I am doing it in a very higgledy-piggledy manner. There is some thought involved, but I’m not sure it’s logical. In fact I’m fairly certain it isn’t. Someone on tumblr… Anonymous… messaged me to say how much they love the utter and complete randomness of my posts. I was very flattered… which reminds me of a quote from a TV series I was watching last night – Your compliment is sticking out of my back.

Anyway… What was I talking about. I blame Mercury in Aquarius. Tangential thinker extraordinaire. Apparently tangential thinking is a symptom of a disorder of some sort… I did a post about that, but… I do posts about pretty much anything and everything. It’s all internal chit chat. My style of writing is bleeding my internalised conversations outwardly.

Most of my posts were written on the day I posted them on tumblr. So they were usually influenced by happenings at the time, and emotions and such which were engulfing me. So they make not make sense out of context. I suppose I could add a blurb at the bottom explaining things, but my explanations often confuse matters. So I’m leaving things as is, unless I don’t.

I read somewhere on some blog advice site that a blogger should try to stick to one post a day, so as not to overwhelm those who follow the blog, but also to keep those interested in the blog, still interested. To keep a rhythmic flow. I’m not very good at taking advice. So I’m doing whatever I please and hope that’s okay. If it’s not then… Well, I don’t know, I’m still at that stage of blogging where I’m amazed anyone reads anything I write, let alone likes it, or is crazy enough to follow me.

I’m also trying to catch up to myself. I haven’t written anything for tumblr in the past couple of days. I’m a bit tumblr dried up writing wise. But eventually I want to synchronise my tumblr and WordPress posts, interspersed with posts only for one or the other. Ugh! I’m making matters complicated, and confusing myself. I may have to rethink all of this. Later. Not in a thinking mood now.

I guess I’m still not there when it comes to writing short posts. Maybe in the future.

So… Hi! Thank You! And Welcome to my version of Life! I’d call it reality, but…