Things You Should Know – About Beauty

You are beautiful.

I am not talking about what you look like. I don’t know what you look like, and neither do you. We are not born with the ability to see our faces without the aid of a reflective surface or a capturing device such as a camera. Those things never show us our true face, they show us a version of it, back-to-front, through glass, distorted by lenses, refraction, and lighting.

When people tell us what they see when they look at us, it is through the lens of their eyes, thoughts, feelings, opinions, preferences, and prejudices. They don’t see us as we actually are, they see us how they choose to see us. That applies to how we see them too. And it is also how we see ourselves when we look in a mirror, or at a photograph.

Why can’t we see ourselves. Because we are born with the far more valuable ability of seeing ourselves from the inside out. That is worth more than being able to see yourself from the outside in.

Our looks change as the years pass. They change as we change. They go through phases. Sometimes we like those phases, sometimes we hate them. Ugliness is just a phase beauty goes through.

With money you can alter your exterior looks to pretty much whatever you want them to be. Sometimes the results of those alterations are an enhancement of our natural looks, or a superficial improvement, but they can also be the exact opposite. Make up can make you glamourous, it can be an intriguing mask to seduce and enchant, but it can also clog, cause spots, and prematurely age your skin. Plastic surgery has as many disasters as it has successes. Botox can obliterate wrinkles and lines, but it also blocks the intricate art of subtle self-expression. How can you let someone know they have made you angry if you can’t frown, or give a potential love interest the come hither look if all your face can do is stare at them like a porcelain doll.

Exterior beauty is a very small percentage of the beauty you encompass. If you think that you are physically ugly, welcome to the club, whose members include some of the most stunning physical beauties, male and female, of our time.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t alter your appearance. If that is what you want to do, do it. Just be sure you are doing it for yourself and not for someone else. You will never please other people, but you can please yourself. So go for it all. Change your face, features, body, style, but do it because it is your inner beauty expressing itself outwardly. Then you’ll enjoy it rather than regret it.

A friend told me that I should post a picture of myself so you would know what I look like. I thought about it, and decided that you already know what I look like based on my blog, my writing, my likes, reblogs, and the pictures and quotes I collect here. That tells you far more about me than any photo would or could.

You are beautiful. Deny it and you deny yourself. You also deny others the pleasure of truly seeing who you are in all your glory. Your beauty belongs to you, but it belongs to others too, when you share it you inspire, not just others, but yourself too. And the more your come to accept that you are beautiful, the more beautiful you become.

So, all you crazy diamonds, are you beautiful? Yes is the only answer, say yes?

*This is one of the early posts I wrote for tumblr. When I created a deviantART for my photography, I needed a model for my photographic experiments. I didn’t want to mess with my friends’ faces and bodies in Photoshop, so I used myself, and thus became less shy about revealing what I looked like. It’s intriguing reviewing my old posts, glimpsing the person I was, seeing the steps I have taken since then to where I am now. I wonder where all this is going. And why.


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