The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination… Part One.

I just found out that the very lovely Random Dorkness nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you kindly. *curtsies. I am not worthy! Shhh… don't tell anyone that! So… according to the rules, which I may or may not be about to break, a nominee must: 1. Display the logo on your... Continue Reading →

A WordPress Quote

 Writing Is A Struggle Against Silence by =MoonlessDepth You know how when you publish a new post, WordPress gives you a quote to go with it, as a sort of celebration for such a daring and foolishly brave act. I don't usually read them, but the last one caught my eye, and I thought it... Continue Reading →

Ghosts in the Brain – Ghost #4 – Trapped

No, you haven’t missed any of my ghost posts, and yes, I am writing about Ghost #4 - Trapped - before dealing with the first three. Never Good Enough, The Rage and The Fury, and Why Am I Alive. Why. Because this ghost pushed its way to the front of the queue. It’s my fault.... Continue Reading →

Ghosts in the Brain

WARNING: This post is part of a series which contains elements of the darker side of my nature. Not a pretty sight. Do NOT read if ugliness offends you. I know many of my posts do expose my darker side. I use my writing as a way of getting out of me what is inside.... Continue Reading →

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