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 Writing Is A Struggle Against Silence by =MoonlessDepth

You know how when you publish a new post, WordPress gives you a quote to go with it, as a sort of celebration for such a daring and foolishly brave act. I don’t usually read them, but the last one caught my eye, and I thought it was apt, for me, and for all those who share their words through writing.

“Writing is a struggle against silence” – Carlos Fuentes

I have always struggled to express myself. The reasons are plentiful, and I go on and on and on about them in my posts. It’s strange for me to see how prolifically I express myself in writing, especially considering how relatively new blogging is to me, and that I have only recently emerged from a long sojourn in almost complete silence.

Life is an odd journey through the many countries of the self. And writing is a way of keeping a journal of where we have been, are, and, perhaps, to see where we are going. And to share our travels with all the other travelers in the world… sometimes our paths cross.


4 thoughts on “A WordPress Quote

    1. Wow! Thank you!

      *does a little uncoordinated dance, trips over a chair leg, is certain the chair did that on purpose, kicks chair leg, injures toe, chair laughs.

      Thank you very much, it is very appreciated!

      My turn now! What are the rules and how can I break them 😉


  1. This is one of my favorite quotes. I also think it’s odd how easily I can effectively express my feelings in writing. If you ask me to tell you in person, I’d struggle to find the words. I’d need to think them over and over until I’m confident I’m saying the right thing. If you ask me to write a letter, I’d have no problem going into every little detail.

    Writing really is a struggle against silence. The two kind of go hand in hand.


    1. I agree. Communication is a very delicate dance, with intricate steps. I wonder if perhaps part of the reason expressing feelings in writing is easier than doing it orally is because the writer is the main listener. When talking, especially when saying something very personal, it is important to feel that our words are actually being heard. I find that I often lose focus when talking, because I sense that the person I am talking with is not really listening, but with writing I know I am listening because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to write.


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