The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination… Part One.


I just found out that the very lovely Random Dorkness nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you kindly. *curtsies. I am not worthy! Shhh… don’t tell anyone that!

So… according to the rules, which I may or may not be about to break, a nominee must:

1. Display the logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

5. Notify your nominees.

Seems simple enough.

Rule 1 is easy. I can handle that.

Rule 2 is a pleasure to do.

Rule 3… oh dear… why seven? That’s a mystical number, isn’t it? Is there some mojo (according to my text software’s autocorrect, mojo is spelled moo) going on which I perhaps need to know more about.

Rule 4… a social media minefield. Goody!

Rule 5… just compounding rule 4. With a sprinkle of having to interact with people while not scaring the crap out of them with my awkward style of communication. Otherwise known as incredibly intense, then suddenly detached and distant. Knickers’ twist!

Pessimist, moi? No, just paranoid. And very aware of how good I am at committing social faux pas. Wait those aren’t part of the seven things about me.

Seven Things About Me:

1. I was born on the seventh day. Seems an appropriate thing considering the seven things thingy. The seventh day of what? The creation of Earth. No, not that I am aware. Although I sometimes feel old enough for that. Of January. Okay, I confess, I’m a Capricorn. I wrote a few posts about my problematic relationship with my Sun sign. Haven’t posted them on WordPress yet. They’re just me ranting about the stereotype of the sign. Let’s move on…

2. Whenever I am faced with a set of rules, my mind immediately starts formulating ways in which I can break them without seeming to break them. Failing any subtle solutions, I opt for all out rebellion. It’s an urge stronger than any will I may have to stop it.

3. I always feel a bit… a lot… oh hell! Nominating 15 blogs is my worst nightmare! Not because there aren’t wonderful blogs to nominate, but because I can hear the voices of the blogs I don’t nominate grumbling about the fact that I haven’t nominated them. And I would ideally love to please everyone all the time. Although usually I end up pissing off everyone constantly. There must be a lovely sweet spot between those two extremes, but I haven’t found it yet as I live on a swing.

4. Four. Fore. For…. procrastinating. I’m very good at that, but I probably wouldn’t be a very good professional procrastinator. I get distracted very easily, so… something something. That was a bit obvious, but it was also exactly what I was thinking. Does this count as a thing about me? I can’t always tell the difference between fact and fiction. That’s a fact. Or is it.

5. I get bored of myself… of thinking about myself and my inner blither blather. But it’s there and if I ignore it (autocorrect turned ignore to gnome, not sure why, what’s the connection), it starts shouting. Which is one of the reasons I love writing posts. It gets things on the inside out. And it can be very revealing. Sometimes in a very unexpected way.

6. Is this over yet? I can’t even begin to explain how difficult this is for me, I am a deflector. Whenever someone asks me a direct question, I usually turn it around and throw it back at the questioner without actually giving an answer. It’s a simple thing to do as many people ask questions which they want to answer themselves, so they are not really interested in your answer, they’re waiting for you to stop talking so they can tell you their answer to the question. Occasionally I get caught out, but I have many escape from answering a direct question tactics.

7. Phew. Last one. Red. Hair colour. Natural. With a few stray strands of white. Really looking forward to it all being white.

So… Am I only supposed to nominate WordPress blogs or can I cross pollinate? No, no, I’m not planning on giving my tumblr a nomination, I haven’t achieved that level of self obsession yet. But there are several tumblers I adore. And since I love to surf the internet… it’s how I relax, how I learn, how I feed my eyes, my mind, my heart, and even my upturned soul… see what I did there… so naff! Now you know why my pic is of my hand covering my face. There are many blogs I visit repeatedly, some of which I greatly admire, due to style and content. Some belong to friends. I’m not above nepotism. So… I could have added my prolific overuse of dots in my writing as a thing about me! Too late. Anyway, what was I talking about… oh yes… my nominations are going to take a couple of days to sort out. Especially the notify the nominee bit… is there any way to avoid it. No, no, that would be wrong… not the breaking rule #5 bit, that’s most enjoyable, but the sharing the fun bit! Always share fun!

To be continued…

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