Flies and Other Messengers of Nature

What is your animal totem?

I see this question a lot on the internet. Some people answer it seriously, others take the piss. Those who take it seriously always choose glamorous creatures as their totems, tigers, wolves, snakes, bears, eagles, etc, whereas the ones who take the piss often choose the less favoured creatures, cockroaches, wasps, rats, pigs, cuckoos, etc. Both approaches are very interesting, and revealing.

There are many websites dedicated to animal totems. They explain the various methods of discovering your personal animal guide, and they give detailed descriptions of the animals.

I had a dream once in which I discovered that I had a tattoo covering my entire back. It depicted three animals interwoven together. I knew they were my animal totems. I was impressed and awed as they were very powerful animals, and I became over-excited, which woke me up. The sudden awakening erased the dream almost completely. I could remember the tattoo, but not the animals which it depicted. So that was that. Part of me felt that the dream was a genuine totem animal dream, and the more practical side concluded that I was being fanciful, wishful dreaming.

Sometimes an animal will appear in our lives, not as a totem, but as a messenger of nature, to relay some important information which is relevant to us in the moment.

I often dream of wasps trying to sting me when there is something or someone in my life attempting to make a painful point. I dream of swimming in deep water, knowing there are sharks lurking underneath, whenever I am out of my depth in a situation. If I actually see a shark, then I know that it represents a hidden aspect of myself which may well be trying to sabotage me.

The messengers do not exclusively visit us in dreams. They often appear in the flesh. They might even create a disturbance to get our attention, causing a problem to help us solve one.

Flies, for instance. This entire Summer has been flymageddon in my home. I have an old chimney which the flies treat as an amusement park ride, they come whizzing down it and into the room, then they zap around ignoring open windows, bashing into the closed ones, and circling my head, landing on me, generally being a nuisance. Chasing them has become my exercise routine.

At first I just saw the flies as a normal, yet annoying, part of the season. Then, one day, when there were about ten flies doing loop-the-loops around me, and I felt my stoic endurance give way to complete furious irritation, a teeny light flickered on in my head.

At the time I had been feeling a bit vulnerable in my relationships with people. It was especially apparent on Facebook. Every time I posted something or commented, or PM’d, I was overcome with a sense of my own nuisance factor. I would post something, then delete it. Comment, then immediately regret the comment. PM and wish that I could un-PM. It was getting worse by the day. I felt as though I was a big pain in the ass to everyone. No one had said anything to me, and when they did they were always kind to me. This was a self-created emotional drama born out of an old wound which had never healed, and was still festering away attracting flies. The flies were all parts of me, insecurities, hang ups, issues. I saw myself as a fly buzzing insistently around people, annoying them, and I wanted to squash myself.

I wondered what the fly meant as an animal (yes, I know it’s an insect – this brackets note is for my punctilious internal editor) messenger. None of the animal totem experts seemed to want to tackle the meaning of the fly, and I almost gave up looking, but then I found the very brilliant work of Ravenari, hostess of Wildspeak.

“Fly as a shadow aspect also challenges us to review our own self-image. Do you think of yourself as annoying, disgusting, unimportant or worthless? Do you attach negative words to your own view of yourself? Fly tells you to stop this behaviour and replace it with positive reminders of your beauty and inherent worth in order to find your way to health and nourishment.” – © Ravenari

She wrote a magnificent interpretation of fly as a totem and messenger, all of which made sense to me, but these words in particular struck at the heart of the matter.

I decided to retreat from the world, for a while, into myself, to heal this wound. I was using others as a weapon to hurt myself, to keep the wound open. This was not fair to them, and it was not fair to me. Why must we insist on being so cruel to ourselves, when all we really want is love. We give it to others, why is it so hard to give it to ourselves.

I deleted my Facebook. I didn’t see this as squashing myself, but as ushering my fly self out of an open window.

Flymageddon ended. The flies disappeared, and I thought I had understood their message. I moved on.

The past couple of days the flies have returned. I wondered if perhaps this was triggered by an email I sent to someone I am fairly certain finds me incredibly annoying. I am very curious, and I often ask people questions about themselves which to me seem fairly basic, but later I realise they might have been a bit too prying. These flies are bigger than the previous ones, does this make a difference, are they telling me the same thing or is this an evolution of the previous message.

The wound is not healed, but it isn’t festering anymore. I cleaned it, applied some ointment, and a bandage. But I think that the bandage was a bad idea, so I have removed it, and am exposing the wound to the air, and the light. For all to see.

So, what is your animal totem?

* I knew that I’d written a post about animal totems for tumblr last year. And I knew, yesterday, that when I wrote about animal totems that I was repeating myself, or at least bits of what I’d said before. I just didn’t realise I’d mentioned cockroaches. So… I thought that choosing a cockroach as a totem was taking the piss. Hmmm. I’m a bit of an ass at times. I also contradict myself regularly. Change my mind about things and such. And I’m one of those people who often uses humour to express a truth which I find difficult to do when speaking seriously. I thought it would be fun to post this after yesterday’s La Cucaracha post as a comparison. Or something of that sort. Past me versus Present me. Weird off!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog about flies & the animal totem. I was privileged with Traditional Grandparents who often talked about animals, insects & humans. In regard to flies, particularly bigger flies, I believe that they are meant to be messengers or a sign of warning that someone either in your family or some you know is nearing death. It feels a bit awkward in bringing this out, but I was scrolling through to see if anyone else felt the same. I appreciate what you’ve shared! Thanks.


    • Hi Sophia, Thank you 😀 I recently read a story on a blog about someone pondering this question, not about flies but about a bird. They had searched online for the meaning of the bird and found that it meant death. However the bird was a regular visitor, it nested in their chimney every year, so they felt that death was not the correct meaning otherwise every time they saw the bird it would mean a death. They decided that the meaning of the bird was to be found in the experience had with the bird and in the thoughts and feelings that the experience inspired. I like this view.

      Our ancestors decided at some point in the past to assign a meaning to each creature based on an experience they had with that creature. Many of the meanings that animals have fit the times and life our ancestors had, the further back in time you go, the more humans relied on animals to give them guidance, for finding food and water, knowing the weather, and warnings, such as if there was a dangerous animal or a fire or some other threat. Many of these interpretations do not fit our modern lifestyle.

      Looking through the literature available on animal meanings, pretty much every animal is considered a harbinger of death. I think that perhaps this is because the mind when faced with death tends to look for a reason, an explanation, and sometimes it makes associations with things which were noticed just before a death which don’t necessarily have anything to do with the death. Also because of the fear of death we would like to have the power to predict it, to be prepared for it, perhaps even avoid it, so we look for omens which may warn us.

      I suppose because flies feed on and swarm dead creatures, there is a connection with death, but also a connection with life, because flies lay their eggs on dead creatures, those eggs eventually become new flies, so flies could also be an omen of new life. The big flies in particular are usually filled with lots of eggs, so they are bursting with the potential for new life.

      There is usually logic in the myth connected to animal meanings, and some of it makes a lot of sense, but I think that using what the animal means to us in the moment often reveals more about the situation and ourselves. It opens up an inner dialogue.


  2. Hi – my experience below will sound strange to most. i used to smash and kill flies when they buzz me at home. 2 years ago i lost my favorite guinea pig, as i left her at home. the next day onwards a single fly used to circle around me and my wife, especially my wife. a year later i lost my little girl (26 days after birth). both myself and wife were on the verge of taking our lives at that time. once the grief started to subside, we started to notice a small fly circling both myself and wife. the thing is we used to have a large population of flies moving through our home, especially during summer. for the last 1 to 2 years, its just 2 flies. one of them, the little one, comes and sits on the laptop and looks like it is grooming…

    we moved our home to a nearby country, as both of us needed a distraction from our loss. strangely enough 2 exactly similar flies are in our new home (started to appear about a week after we moved in), one mostly sitting on the laptop and other circling around – like they used to do in our previous home kilometers away…

    we are trying to have another baby – whenever my wife comes up with the sad news that her period has started, the flies disappears for about a week or so. they appear again after…

    both myself and wife do not believe in so-called God or religion – but this fly phenomena is unexplainable for us. tried to talk to some people – all of them rubbished the whole thing…

    any thoughts…


    • Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

      Life is a strange experience and journey for all of us, with much pain and pleasure along the way. When there is a lot of pain, we find solace and meaning in the small things because they have a way of explaining the big and sometimes overwhelming things for us.

      There are times when others can’t share what we know, feel, think, and believe… they dismiss it because they’re not in our shoes, can’t live what we have lived and are living, and it may frighten them, but it does not frighten you. So, don’t worry about what other people think, trust yourself.

      Nature has a way of giving us personal gifts… they’re personal, for you only, not for others. Treasure them and follow their inspiration.

      The mysteries of life, and of death, are a part of everything. Not everything can be explained, sometimes it is just something we need, something for us, and no one else can understand it.

      Best wishes to you and your wife!


  3. Well. I started looking for the spiritual meaning behind house flies. For some reason I began to think more deeply on them. Like they are kids. They are gross, the do gross things, and when you get irritated, they persist to irritate you more. Though I saw a young fly. It set itself down by the keyboard on a book. I swatted at it but all it did was jump down. Then it groomed itself. For a moment, I thought it cute. Another fly came by and kept hitting me upside my head. It was persistent. A little buttmunch.

    So, I found something. It was a sign that change is coming quickly. That there will be incredible amounts of abundance. I tried meditation earlier this night. Bright vivid colors. Happiness. Love. Then this fly butt hits me on my lip several times. Then again upside my head before resting on my hand.

    So, the lesson is that persistence towards positive abundance is worth it. The focus must be maintained even if people or things try to throw you off and rile you up. You can look at the annoyances with love rather than hate. Be uplifted.


  4. Wow wow wow, it was like you were speaking from my own brain. Thank you, this was exactly what I have been looking for.


  5. Am being followed by the house fry all the time especially when am in pain it comes even when a praying or sleeping.when I sleep it goes up on the wall.when I wake it starts falling on me.Am confused…advise plz.


    • It’s just one of many types of house flies. The smaller ones are the most annoying.

      This article summarises reasons why a fly might be attracted to a human – http://www.speeli.com/articles/view/Why-do-Flies-land-on-people

      We don’t tend to notice our own scents unless they’re really strong, but insects like flies do and we may be emanating a sugary, sweaty tasty smell for them which makes them more interested in us.

      Flies tend to become dormant at night unless there’s a lot of artificial lighting which confuses their circadian rhythm (best time to kill flies is at night as they’re a bit dopey although they can be harder to see).

      I’d advise you to kill it, but you may not like killing living things. In which case do a search online for a natural insect repellent (although those don’t always work on flies).


      • Wow, you are advising to kill the messenger! A messenger with a necessary message! Are you blind to your own thinking? Who in their right mind ever kills the messenger! And do you think the messengers will ever come back?
        And you’re actually audacious or ignorant enough to tell other people what to do with their lives!
        Go study under a real shaman instead of the fake techno-shamans littered across the internet and the world in general. Learn the meaning of the word respect (and have the courage to not delete my post because it offends your ego).

        PS: It’s a little too obvious why the fly is coming to this person and she might consider paying attention and focusing to listen to the message instead of killing it.


          • After reading this post, especially your quote below, I shared in my blog “I love the writer’s [You] willingness to be vulnerable by sharing her beautiful truths that I could deeply relate to; vulnerability is truly inner-strength and courage”:

            “I decided to retreat from the world, for a while, into myself, to heal this wound. I was using others as a weapon to hurt myself, to keep the wound open. This was not fair to them, and it was not fair to me. Why must we insist on being so cruel to ourselves, when all we really want is love. We give it to others, why is it so hard to give it to ourselves. I deleted my Facebook. I didn’t see this as squashing myself, but as ushering my fly self out of an open window […]”

            anupturnedsoul, thank you for sharing, and continue to freely and fully express from your integrated and balanced Mind/Heart (Soul/Spirit within, aka God/Goddess within). We don’t need the acceptance and approval of society.

            Let’s always remember to Validate self/Soul/Spirit within, and to always accept/love ALL aspects of ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY—the way Holy Spirit/Prime Creator/Divine Ancient Mother Goddess does for ALL of Life (All That Is) throughout this Universe and beyond. 😉


            • Thank you very much 🙂

              When we accept and respect ourselves as we are it makes it easier to accept and respect others as they are. Took me a long time to figure that out, but I needed to appreciate it when it finally sunk in and sometimes that’s why it’s such a struggle.

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              • Thank you anupturnedsoul for the very helpful reminder. I made an intention statement to always remember your sharing, and to apply more of this wisdom to my daily life.


                • Thank you 🙂

                  The best wisdom worth noticing is the one which comes from within you, it often speaks in a quiet voice, and sometimes uses the world around you to speak with you. Your nature is your guide.

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      • The big black biting flies are the most annoying. Sometimes they remind me of people. Thanks for sharing ❤


        • Thank you 🙂

          Sounds like you’re talking about horse flies. They have this distinctive way of flying around you which is different from regular flies, they’re after your blood and once they’ve set their sights on you nothing is going to deter them, they’re persistent and will follow you indoors if you try to flee them by going inside, it’s almost as though they’re stuck to you, caught in your slipstream. You could sort of see regular flies as trying to be friendly when they’re bothering you, but horse flies are just sinister 😉


    • Wow. I found this post today, after finding no less than 23 flies hanging out on the inside of my back door earlier. I opened the door and shooed most of them out, with the promise that I would look up fly medicine. 🙂 There are still 5 or 6 hanging out with me in my office as I type. I have received all types of animal messengers, but never any this seemingly urgent!!

      I, too, have been been feeling very vulnerable in my relationships with people lately! I had a falling out with a close friend a couple of weeks ago. We are still talking mostly because our boys are best friends; we have discussed what happened minimally but there has not been closure with it; she has been avoiding the conversation and I am just giving her space and time. I’ve also relied way too much on facebook for social interactions and validation, and have used it as a means to try to inspire others, but I also find myself comparing myself to others. I was considering deactivating my account today, but decided to stay on a little while longer to try to sell a few things. I think these flies are urging me to get the heck out of there! LOL …I really find your post to be synchronistic with their appearance in my life, thank you so much for posting!


      • Thank you for sharing 🙂

        Have you ever noticed how flies tend to gather inside more often when it’s stormy outside, when the weather is overcast. So perhaps a life storm of sorts causes the flies in our lives to make themselves more noticeable to us. A falling out with a friend is a storm in our lives, and perhaps what caused the falling out has been a long time coming, an accumulation of many tiny issues that eventually form into a big issue. The storm needs to break and wash over us before a sense of closure can be reached. What caused the falling out and is it still an issue?

        Funnily enough the other night I was reading about the effect of social media on our psychological state – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37218059 – the study focused on things like Facebook and Instagram where we see the images of the lives of others pass before us and they seem to have things in their lives which we don’t have and it makes us both feel bad about our own lives and rather envious of them.

        Facebook is a useful platform to connect with people, but since humans are prone to comparing ourselves with others and also prone to showing off and editing our lives for the benefit of others… the two things can sometimes jar our systems.

        Things like Facebook often seem like a competition for attention… with everyone wanting it and not giving it, or giving it to get it then feeling annoyed if you give it but don’t get it back from those you’ve given it to. It’s like a lot of shouting and not much listening.

        Perhaps rather than deactivating your account, reduce your activity on it. Take a holiday from it, visit it less frequently. When you feel that it is making you feel bad or annoyed take a time out from it.


        • Ahhh…how I love symbolism. 🙂 I definitely feel it was something that was a long time coming with my friend, little things that we both tried to ignore over time that eventually built up and erupted in our faces. If I can email you, I wouldn’t mind telling you more details of the story, but it’s kind of personal and I don’t want to lay it all the details out on a public forum. What is also interesting is that this house that we and the flies (still) are in, is our first house that we own and we’ve been living here a little less than a month. I wonder if it may have to do with stagnant energy left from the old tenants, as I have not done anything to clear the air yet….thankfully fall is almost here, so the windows will be open soon and I will burn some sage, hopefully that will help!

          That’s an interesting article; I have met so many wonderful souls on FB, and am so grateful for that, but I can see that it’s also contributed to a distorted self image, and too much of a reliance on outside validation(I feel that competition for attention too). I already deactivated my account, had been planning on taking a break anyway, and I have a hard time really staying away from it for any length of time when I’m logged in, I admit, mostly because I have formed some wonderful friendships with people across the country, and they help me to feel supported. But there is a thin line there, between feeling supported and allowing it to drain me or cause me to feel “less than”, and now that I’ve noticed that I feel it’s time to pull back and nurture myself.

          Thanks for your reply!!


          • Thank you 🙂

            I don’t do email with this blog, sorry about that. I understand not wanting to share the story publicly – that’s admirable and shows that you’re a good friend even if your friendship has taken a bit of a detour.

            If you’ve only recently moved into a new house, and this house is part of a new cycle of experience for you, then there are going to be many challenges popping up – some of those challenges may be directly related to the house itself, and some may be further afield as this experience will change how you experience yourself, thus will also change how others experience you (and vice versa).

            The flies could definitely be connected to stagnant air – depends on what kind of flies they are.

            Moving into a new house takes time to settle and causes ripples of change in all areas of life, especially if this is the first house you’ve owned – finding ‘your’ place is a wonderful experience, as well as full of many upheavals and shifts.

            Windows in the psyche are also being opened 🙂


  6. I have been doing random searches on the internet about totems and messengers for 6 months now and I finally come across your blog. I would just like to say thank you! I have been through hell the last year of my life and it is comforting knowing that other people have similar ways of thinking when it comes to life. Thanks for having the courage to write about stuff that nobody else wants to confront about themselves and society.


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      One of my favourite sites for totems is this one – http://www.whats-your-sign.com/ – it doesn’t have everything but it has a lot and is written in an interesting and informative manner.

      Life is an adventure which sometimes feels like a trial and tribulation, a gauntlet to run and keeping running away… sometimes stopping and facing things is just what we need to do, when we’re ready.


  7. Thanks. House flies routinely buzz around my feet when I’m trying to concentrate, then land. They won’t stop. Btw, insects are animals. You are right to call them animals.


  8. thank you so much for this topic, ursula. and to all who have shared, this has been very insightful and helpful for me. wowza. what a trip this has been with the fly beings. i recently moved from northern california to rural missouri to a sweet little home on 3 acres. the move registered as horrendous in my psyche. it has been 6 months and i have gone and am still going through what feels like a death/re-birth cycle. moving from deep darkness, into an integrated-working-very-hard-at-being-more-grounded-and-more-masterful-with-thoughts-abiding-in-a-bit-more-peace-place, i don’t know how else to say…deep, painful, hard earned growth and still growing…re-structuring of what is my priority in this earthsuit…which is basically, peace. structuring my days with the priority being meditation, inner work, sacred readings, writing…and, oh my god, the flies. the flies. the FLIIIIIEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!! they started coming i’d say sometime in may (i moved here the end of april, this year) and were craaaaaaaazy out of control buzzing around in the house during the hooooot humid summer months. i was thinking wtf? wow! i remember sitting at the kitchen table and there were probably, just at the table, 10-15 just swarming my head, the table, landing on the computer. i just thought, woah, okay, so this is part of a missouri summer. this too shall pass. ohhhhhh mmmmmm ggggggggg! it is now november 3rd and, no sh*t, they are still here. they have settled in amounts…but, oh yeah…..when it is warm and sunny, on the front and back of the house are up to 100 flies on the outside walls. whaaaaaaaat?!?!?! very very interesting that my inner goal is peace and at first i was determined NOT to kill any of them. and i didn’t. it was so hard. but i felt morally good about it all. and then one day, my partner got a flyswatter and i just lost it. i am so sorry to say i have been swatting them left and right for months now. i have made sure 🙂 to say each time when i kill them….ummmmm….'”may you realize happiness and the cause of happiness, may you be free from suffering and the cause of suffering, may you be at peace”….i told my partner that i am in the process of liberating flies. i really actually do not enjoy killing them. tho’ sometimes i feel a vengeance energy as i am ‘liberating them’…yeah, i know. i just want them to go away. go away. GO awaaaaay little fly beings. why are you all here? what are you trying to teach me, show me? please let me get this so you little creatures can go far away. that is some of my process. right now i hear a fly, and i get a visceral feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin. truly maddening.
    sooooo, finding this topic on here and the posts is like a mini-virtual support group for the insanity of the duration of this fly thing. yeah, it’s the duration. like some kind of weird torture. wheeeeeeew!
    gonna really surrender this. one would think with all the meditating i have been doing i would get the message by now…bless my little slow learning heart. sharing about this helps. i will continue to ponder and ask what it is these little beings are bringing.
    trusting they are here for a reason….and hopefully for not another season!!!


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Just the other day, a chilly Autumn yet sunny and fairly warm day for Autumn in the UK, I went up into the attic of my new house (I’m no longer living in the place I was in when I wrote this post – my new house is even more rural than the old place) to sort out some wiring and was confronted by what I have called – Flymageddon. Basically it’s getting cold outside and the attic although cold is warmer than the outside and flies are entering en masse through tiny holes to find refuge.

      I hoovered them up by the hundreds – yup, I hoovered them up because I’m a human and we humans do stuff like that to nature especially when it freaks us out. I couldn’t use insecticide because I have bats in the attic and they’re endangered here and use of insecticide is prohibited when there are bats. I could have pretended I didn’t know there are bats, but I chose to not do that.

      This Summer whenever I opened a door or window hundreds of flies flew inside and… I use flypaper and an electrified badminton racket designed for frying flying insects known as – The Executioner – to deal with invading flies. While I would prefer to be all love and peace where nature is concerned, sometimes I just have to accept the fact that I’m a human who has a ruthless killing streak in my DNA.

      Being accepting of nature includes accepting human nature – sometimes the message = accept yourself as you are not as you wish you could be based on some high ideal which is impossible to attain without sacrificing reality.

      The flies in your new home are there for a reason – you’re living in deep country so they will be there again for another season, each season the amount of flies will vary according to how the seasons play out, but there will always be flies. You’re going to have to either get used to living in fly country and not notice that you’re walking around in a fly infested land and house and body, or you’re going to have to get used to being ruthlessly human about dealing with flies.

      Maybe the message is about getting to grips with being human, really primally human.

      At my old house I was so focused on respecting nature that I ended up living in a house infested with rats which was horrible and potentially dangerous to human life. Some choices are hard either way – do we respect the nature of the natural world or that of the human world to which we belong. What is the balance between us and it? And does how we handle things like fly infestations reflect how we handle our human interactions. Do we let other humans infest us with something we wouldn’t put up with if we allowed ourselves to do what we really primally want to do but don’t because we’ve decided to be accepting of what we really don’t accept?

      Sometimes the message is – what do you really want to do? Who are you really when you strip away all the thoughtful thought venere which you’ve applied to yourself?

      What does your nature truly want to do and can you accept your true nature?


  9. O my!!! In will just say I saw myself in just about every comment I read. I’ll leave it at that to save reams…A few days ago I learned of two persons who used to reside in my current house (home), as I am spiritual and seek Peace and to be ‘one’ with nature and all that is around me. I too made a change re FB, did not close my page…just started a new one reflective of my currents and feelings…to help, inspire, uplift. I write a blog on WordPress.


  10. …well my nice cogent remarks disappeared. I’ll say I see myself in just about post I’ve read here. A single fly visited me in the bed mostly, bathroom as well. Despite me leaving doors open it hung around buzzing about my head…playfully as I SWATTED at it as if it was playfully annnoying me. Left just today. Decided to do research re this. Been here eight months and have always felt at least one spirit…initially…learned of past occupants last week and this caused me to be more inquisitive ask I am spiritual and Live my Life seeking God, Peace and to help others when I am able. Have always lived this way. Bad scene in my Life caused me to re-evaluate my Life. Estranged from my family, I live in retirement, the best timnws of my Life now. Than_X!!! & Peace!!!


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Your ‘nice cogent remarks’ did not disappear they were only held in limbo by WordPress and now they’re exactly where you wanted them to be.

      It can be hard to discern if flies are just being flies or if they mean something more. At the end of the day humans often read more into things than is actually there – we sometimes do that because we have had an experience which made us aware that sometimes there is more there than at first we thought there was.

      I have no experience of ghosts or spirits, but there are certain energies about places because the things that a house is made of are often porous and absorb. Just like when people have an argument in a room the remnants of that argue may linger there and affect those who enter it soon after. I did once watch an interesting program which explained that certain supernatural phenomena was simply due to naturally occurring vibrations and elements. These can affect us subliminally and cause us to experience hauntings.

      If we’re going through a tough time in our lives we’re more sensitive to such things… with the outer world often taking the form of what we’re going through within. Ghosts in our mind may become ghosts outside of our mind. Sometimes memories can be more vivid than the present – a sounds, a sight, a smell can whisk us into something past which feels very real.

      And sometimes life leads us back to a place we left behind…

      Best wishes!


  11. What is your b-day,cuz you sound ALOtllike me lol..It’s Dec 9 and I too have a fly in my homewith an apparent msg….


    • Happy birthday month!

      My b’day is next month.

      Do you live in the city or countryside – makes a difference to the sort of messages which flies have. In the countryside, where I live, well you’re in fly territory and they own your home. Right now, even though it’s Winter and because it’s Winter, I have hundreds of flies and ladybirds and some wasps, plus a bat in my attic – hibernating. I have some work I need to do up there and… nope! I think those flies are telling me to relax and enjoy life a bit, and stop worrying about fixing the house.

      So what do you think your fly is telling you?


  12. Can anyone tell me what the black horse fly symbolized or what omen it brings? I don’t like flies and my house has no flies at all except this morning. 1 huge mammoth size black horse fly in my breakfast nook area. I open the sliding door to help it go out but it won’t leave. It flew to my master bedroom instead. I don’t live in the country nor do we have cows or horses. don’t know where this black horse fly come from and what message it brings. Can anyone enlighten me? why it will not leave?


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      While horse flies tend to be associated with the countryside and farms because the females feed on mammals and will bite humans too (the males feed on pollen), they can also be found in suburban gardens and parks, particularly if those gardens/parks are damp, humid, close to water (it doesn’t have to be a big area of water, even a small pond can be a breeding ground for a horse fly). In certain parts of the world March is the start of horse fly season.

      As for what it means as a message, the only result I’ve found which actually discusses horse flies in particular rather than all flies in general is this one:

      “Horse Fly teaches lesson of development in all areas. It’s the journey not the destinations that are important here. She helps ground oneself in nature by helping contemplate the earth, ground and mud will help. There is balance of emotions and the spiritual along with physical and mental. She demonstrates properties of spiritual healing and enlightenment with knowledge. She shows how to see with an earthly purity. She guides to opening up energy within the body to allow emotional – physical healing to take place. Meditating on the colors green and gold will aid in the connection to Horse Fly’s messages. She teaches balance in truthfulness, which may sting and bite but they are truths nonetheless. Horse Flies can show how a group of 1 or 2 will aid in your journey. She shows attraction to shiny objects, emphasis on metallics and gems will help connect with her medicine. Horse Fly pairs its wisdom with livestock. Pay attention to its clues and the animal that presents itself with her. For example, if Horse Fly lands on Cow (see Cow). The time period of Horse Fly’s lessons shows up in stages. 1st major stage occurs within 5-9 days. The 2nd major stage spans the next 2-3 weeks. When happens in this latter stage can have long lasting effects for up to three years. Horse Fly will demonstrate adaptability while layers of the self are uncovered for much new and exciting potential. She shows that change is coming.” – via http://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/dictionary_of_insects.html

      What were you thinking about or what was going on just before the fly appeared?


  13. Thank you for being willing to write this. It was exactly what I needed to here while chasing flies today.


    • I truly believe I was led to this post. Everything about it resonates with me on so many levels. My house is also fly-ridden right now–especially tonight for some reason. This year has been just so, so bad in almost every way for me. Right before I came here, I deleted MY Facebook and decided to spend some time “healing” my tattered mind, spirit, & soul. OMG, I do believe you have led me to root of every problem I have. At some point in my life, I began to believe that I am a nuisance, or a bother, and it has spilled over to every aspect of my life. Now to fix this ‘stinking thinking”…Thank you, thank you, thank you.


      • Thank you for sharing 🙂

        One of the things I’ve been doing recently is questioning the conclusions I come to about myself, just asking – Why do I think that? – when I come to a negative conclusion about myself or old self-dialogues kick in.

        I did that recently with flies too – I moved house and the new place is even more rural, which means lots of flies (which tend to be particularly invasive in the home when the weather is stormy, and it’s been a pretty stormy month). I asked myself – what happens if instead of seeing flies as pesky foes, I see them as friendly? They’re too annoying to see them that way long term but briefly it worked, and it sent a tiny ripple of attitude change through me.

        Best wishes in your healing! Be gentle with yourself!


  14. Thank you for this post, so much of what you have written has resonated with me. I will check out Ravenari’s work and begin to work on my own wound. I knew that I had one and now you’ve helped me to really focus on my wound instead of simply doing the same things and feeling the same emotions afterwards.


  15. Awesome article and very helpful. I really resonate with this and my suggestion is to embrace your shadow side (and perhaps read up on the Law of Polarity) 😁 Thank you!


    • Thank you for sharing 🙂

      Your suggestion is great! In my most recent posts I have written both about the shadow, and about polarity. It’s a wonderful synchronicity!


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