Internet Treasures: Healthy Levels Of Insanity by NoxSatuKeir

Healthy Levels Of Insanity 6 by¬† NoxSatuKeir I'm one of those people who, when life gets tough, intense, and too serious, needs to find a humorous release from the pressure. The internet is very good for that in so many ways. Since I also have a slightly twisted sense of humour, anything which appeals to... Continue Reading →

Tweet #22

"Life is so much better in cartoons. You can always draw extra bits in if you need them, and you can run on air." - @UrsusAbstrusus

Things You Should Know – About Suffering

The Joke's On You by Andry-Shango Unfortunately suffering comes as a standard part of the package we get with our lives when we are born. The birthing process itself is one of pain, so I guess we should not be surprised that life can be painful. Everyone suffers, even those who never show it. Some... Continue Reading →

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