Internet Treasures: Healthy Levels Of Insanity by NoxSatuKeir


Healthy Levels Of Insanity 6 by  NoxSatuKeir

I’m one of those people who, when life gets tough, intense, and too serious, needs to find a humorous release from the pressure. The internet is very good for that in so many ways. Since I also have a slightly twisted sense of humour, anything which appeals to it instantly becomes a best friend.

When I happened upon Healthy Levels Of Insanity by NoxSatuKeir on deviantART, I hit a rich vein of humorous gold. I’ve read every single one of the quotes, and well and truly exercised my muscles of laughter.

Sometimes you have to laugh at life, because it can be pretty funny even when deadly serious, and at some point life will stop laughing at you and start laughing with you.



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