Intensely, Passionately, Wild and Crazy

Please note: This was written during Mars’ transit of Scorpio last year. I have Mars in Scorpio, so when this transit happened, all my passionately wild and crazy bells went off. It has always been a very intense energy in my life. It is located in the 3rd house of the mind (and other things), which means that mostly I experience it as an intensity of the mind. At the moment transiting Saturn is sitting on top of my Mars, subduing and attempting to tame it. It is tame, for now. Which is rather pleasant. It won’t last.


Mars has shapeshifted into a scorpion and is out to hunting for our deepest and most passionate secrets. To spur us into expressing our innermost desires. Intense and penetrating, Mars in Scorpio trespasses without fear into the places we protect with our fiercest guards. Our defences are challenges to be overcome, and Mars in the house of the scorpion is not as impatient as he usually is, he doesn’t need to bash his head against a brick wall or blow our house down to get to us, he’s very sharp, very astute, and he will find a way into our panic room even if he has to tunnel through earth with his bare hands. He won’t need to get dirty though, he uses psychology, manipulation, and mind games like toys, and at some point we will just feel a compelling urge to knock down our defences, dismiss our guards, and invite him in. He is a vampire whose charms are too overwhelmingly seductive to resist, when he directs his hypnotic gaze into our eyes, we succumb, our blood wants him to taste it, drink it, and draw us into him. But he has his weaknesses too. His intense passion drives him wild and crazy, he may seem in control, but it is a battle for him to maintain it, he is just as much a puppet of his own inner desires as we are.

When we are young we want people to be interested in us, to know everything there is to know about us, we are often happy and willing to bare all. As we get older, year by year, we become more secretive, and begin to enjoy having parts of us, our lives, inner and outer, which are unknown and mysterious. We still want people to be interested in us, we just aren’t as willing to share ourselves fully. Mystery keeps people interested. If a person believes that they know everything about you, you become too predictable, and they bore of you. If a person feels that they will never know anything about you, that you are too elusive, they are afraid of you, and will stay away because you are too unpredictable. Finding the right combination between being mysterious and known is tricky. Very few people can do it, those who do keep us fascinated for life.

A person with Mars in Scorpio will seek out mystery and try to solve it. Once they have decided that the mystery is solved, they will move on to another mystery, and so on and so forth. But don’t ever try to figure them out, they do not like the interrogation spotlight turned on them. They enjoy being  hard to fathom. If you catch them and show them that you know who they are, they will shed that skin and become someone else, someone much harder to catch and suss out.

They are very private, secretive, often jealous, obsessive and intense. If they love you, their passion will be deep, and so strong it can burn. Their love does not fade, falter, or lose its flame. They are fierce. But they are also very loyal. If you share a secret with them, they will take it to the grave. If you have a problem, they will listen with more than just their ears, every one of their senses will tune into you and your words, sensing the hidden meaning within them, and they will offer penetrating insight, cutting through all the confusion with a very sharp knife, reaching to the very core of it to help you solve it.

Just don’t cross them. Their anger is as powerful as their love. And they are very good at exacting revenge. You won’t see it coming, it will be like a snake hiding in grass, waiting for your bare ankle to rub against it. A quick bite and the snake is gone, leaving its poison to act upon you, weaken you from the inside out, perhaps you’ll survive, perhaps you won’t, but you will never mess with them again either way.

I have a couple of very dear friends with this placement, and I trust them in a way that I rarely trust people. I know that they will not betray my trust. I also know that I can go to them when I am at my craziest, and they will not turn me away because they can handle crazy. They understand it. They know the inner workings of the mind, heart, and soul, because they live it, and feel it all, and are not afraid of it. I respect them. They know they are strong and have power, but they do not abuse it, their strength allows them to be gentle. And Mars in Scorpio can be very gentle, for it knows where the tenderest spots are located.

This transit is stirring up some very deep thoughts for me, I feel driven to dive into the secret ocean of my mind, my psyche, to find that which I am hiding from myself. What is it urging you to do? Where is transiting Mars in Scorpio in your chart, and what intense, deep passion is he stirring within you? What mystery is he trying to help you solve? Is there a hidden side of you that even you don’t know about, which if you discovered it would change how you saw yourself and your life? Maybe now is the time to seek it out. What do you reckon?


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