MarsInScorpio by MoonVooDoo

marsinscorpio4_by_moonvoodoo-d5wn3aeMarsInScorpio by MoonVooDoo

I have Mars in Scorpio. This is my interpretation of that astrological placement. Well… it was, but then the cat stepped in and took over the photo shoot.

My cat is an ex-feral cat. The ex bit simply means that she lives in a house rather than in the wild, but her nature is very much still wild. Feral cats are very different from cats born into domesticity.

Feral cats do not like to be manhandled. Sure they like to be stroked, but only when they want to be and only the way they like it. They do not like to be picked up at all. They think cat toys are stupid. They like playing games, but the games have to be clever. They do like catnip, but don’t place it somewhere obvious like on a scratching post, they’ll use the scratching post if and when they have nowhere else to do their claws. Surprisingly, they very rarely will use their claws on humans. When I wiggle my finger under a blanket, she just looks at me like I’m crazy. I’m not attacking that, I know it’s your finger wiggling, silly human. They are very intelligent, and always let you know when you are being stupid. With a look. A very specific look. Humans! They don’t trust humans at all for good reason. They accept you, but on their terms. Respect them, and they respect you. Very similar to those with Mars in Scorpio.

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