Snow Coffee in a Hobbit House

SnowDay by MoonVooDoo I still have no running water. Whatever is causing the problem, other than the below freezing temperature, has baffled the water company. They are hoping to fix it today, but with more snow predicted and falling as I write this, it may be difficult for them to work on the pipes. Or... Continue Reading →

A Moon Powered Train

DropIt by MoonVooDoo Please note: I wrote this last Winter. But since I've been getting strange messages from the universe via errant Monopoly cards found in my garden, one of which was Water Works, I thought I'd post this, and the post after this, which is a companion to this one. Oh, I wish I... Continue Reading →

MonopolyCards by MoonVooDoo

MonopolyCards by MoonVooDoo I keep finding these old Monopoly cards in my garden. First one was the Water Works card. Which made me laugh because this past Winter the temperatures dropped so low that the water supply pipe to my house froze. The water company responded very quickly, gave me loads of bottled water... they... Continue Reading →

Gathering Moss

Why is Kate Moss always naked. That was the question I asked myself in my dream last night. I sometimes have conversations with myself in my dreams. Usually it starts with a part of my sleeping consciousness waking up inside a dream and observing what is going on, then wondering why what is going on... Continue Reading →

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