The Riddle of the Scissors

So today I bought some new scissors. Exciting, I know. I tend to put off buying new things until the things which I have fall apart. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without buy a new one to replace the knackered thing. I hate shopping. Decisions, decisions to be made,... Continue Reading →

Which Social Media Personality Are You?

I thought this was amusing, and quite intriguing. I'm guessing most people are a pick 'n' mix. I am seesawing between The Quizzers and The Dippers. Neither is quite right, nor quite wrong. I am cyclical in my Social Media use, and where I focus my attention depends upon whether I am in visual or... Continue Reading →

I Wonder What They Think of Me

I Wonder What They Think Of Me In every social interaction, be it in the Outernet or on the Internet, a portion of our attention is focused upon the impression we are making with our words, our looks, our demeanour, on the other person or people. We think - I wonder what they think of... Continue Reading →

Internet Treasures: What Were You Raised By Wolves? by Verabee

What Were You Raised By Wolves? by Verabee This is a very poignant and beautiful tale told entirely through illustrations, no words needed, by the very talented Vera Brosgol. When I first saw this story it hit a very deep chord within me. I identified with the girl. I knew her. I am her. An... Continue Reading →

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