How To Get Writer’s Block


Although I think that Gary James | Jamesgang did a superb job creating this list of Grammar Rules… And I enjoyed reading it and chuckling all the way through… by the end I had an ominous feeling that perhaps I should not have read it.

Luckily, I’m not trying to be a writer. If I was, then I would now be suffering from an aggravated case of writer’s block.

Sure, I use writing in my posts, but I’m not really writing, I’m talking, or, more precisely, I’m thinking. My posts are the conversations in my mind, usually between different aspects of myself. So I write as I think. Thus grammar is being tortured to reflect how I think, rather than my mind being tortured by grammar.

I hate rules, very obstructive things pretending to be helpful… BUT this is a work of funny genius! Love it! Hope no one gets writer’s block if they read it… if you do, I’ll see if I can find an antidote, but, be warned, the cure I find may have the opposite effect!