Like Ability

Quite a few of the posts I’ve read recently on my Wp reader have been about the ‘Like’ button. I was going call it the infamous ‘Like’ button, because it seems to cause a bit of a kerfuffle. It’s one of those ideas which at first seems as though it is excellent, but further down the line it becomes a problem. A solvable one, but a problem nonetheless.

There are sites which have a ‘Dislike’ button as well as a ‘Like’, which actually makes a lot of sense, but also sets the stage for even more problems. The ‘Like’ button sort of tells us people like whatever it is they are liking, a post on our blog, a status on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, a video on Youtube, a photograph or artwork on deviantART, and so on. By ‘sort of’ I mean that if a friend presses the ‘Like’ button, they may just be doing it to let us know they still ‘Like’ us, and they are supporting us, but they may not be interested in the actual thing which they ‘Liked’. And, as one of the posts I read about the ‘Like’ button pointed out, some people press it to attract our attention to them, rather than because they are attracted to what we have done. In fact there are so many reasons behind the act of pressing the ‘Like’ button, and an equal amount of meanings which it has for the person whose thing has been ‘Liked’, that an entire blog could be created around it. I imagine there probably already is a ‘Like’ blog somewhere out there, maybe even dozens of them.

What the ‘Like button doesn’t tell us is what motives people have for not pressing it. Did they like the thing and just not press the button, were they indifferent to it, did they not even notice it, or did they not like it at all, but since there is no ‘Dislike’ button they were unable to express their dislike, unless they commented… and that is another level of interactive social complication mess… I mean… wonderful way for us to express our opinions.

I saw an article on an astrology blog – Planet Waves – about the celestial influences affecting the psyche of this planet at the moment, due to a solar eclipse and a new Moon – Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse: Your Value by Genevieve Hathaway:

“This astrology will urge us to reassess our values and how we apply them, connecting us with old doubts about our ability to successfully clear emotional blockages that have hindered us from truly embodying our sense of personal value.”

I found the article very interesting, mainly because it correlated with events in my life which have been focusing my attention on the subject of values, my personal values versus the values of others. This has inspired many inner conversations, some of which I have related in posts. I often reevaluate my values, question them, check to see if they need modification, and sometimes I discard an old one for a new one. Other people’s values are valuable to me, as they inform me of other views, and give me an understanding of the world outside of me.

Recently I decided to express my astrology chart and how I experience it, through photographs. I’ve done a few already, but some of those which I have yet to do are causing me some quandaries. One in particular is Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house of values. I was trying to figure out how to encapsulate its influence in one image. Thing is, my natal Jupiter is conjunct (enmeshed with) my natal Uranus, which is also in Libra, but located in the 1st house of the self, identity, and how I present myself to the world. So, in essence, my values are intrinsically connected to who I am. Which explains why I have a very difficult time living by values which are not my own, especially if I do not agree with them, even when my life would be made considerably easier if I just toed the damn line! But having Uranus influencing my identity means I have no intention of making life easy for myself, and I definitely have no intention of taking the road most traveled.

When I first entered the fray of social media, I approached it as I do most new things, threw myself in at the deep end, wide-eyed and open like a child, ready to absorb and learn, unhindered by knowledge. I looked at what everyone else was doing, mimicked it for a while, experimenting with how they were doing it. As I progressed, I kept the things which suited my personality, and gradually dropped the things which didn’t. I still have much to learn, and am very much a work in progress. There are certain things which I will never pick up, mainly because they are the same things in RL which I will never pick up either. They are things which just hit my brain and bounce right off of it.

The ‘Like’ or ‘Fav’ button feature is one which causes me to scratch my head until it bleeds a little. I probably shouldn’t say what I’m about to say… Personally, I don’t need to be ‘Liked’. In other words, I don’t mind if something I post on any of my cyber creations goes completely unnoticed. Please note, when it does get ‘Liked’ and does get noticed, I get extremely excited and very elated. It’s a surprise, a bonus, and an unexpected gift which is very much appreciated. My main focus is for me to ‘Like’ what I’m doing. If I don’t ‘Like’ it, then I should not be doing it, whatever it is. If I don’t ‘Like’ one of my photographs, then I won’t submit it to deviantART. If I don’t ‘Like’ a something I’ve written, it doesn’t get posted.

The reason for my presence on social media sites is to challenge my old ways of relating to myself. I have always told myself that pretty much everything I do, creatively, is not good enough to share with others, so I’m challenging that way of thinking. Having people ‘Like’ my creations is very reassuring, and deeply touching. It helps me and encourages me to keep going. Especially if I know that the ‘Like’ being given is done without ulterior motive, without strings attached. If it is an expression of free will. Of someone saying to themselves ‘I Like that!’ and ‘I’m sharing how I feel with you!’.

And that is the meaning of the ‘Like’ button for me. You press it because you want to. If you don’t, I read nothing into it, and if I don’t press it on your thing, don’t read anything into it. I often forget to press the damn button because what I’ve read or seen inspires me, and that inspiration takes me off on a journey, and if I stop to remind myself to press the button, the journey gets delayed, or cancelled. Sorry, and thank you. If you’re pressing the ‘Like’ button because you want something from me, then you should add a comment to let me know exactly what you want, then I’ll decide if I want to give it to you. Free will. Freedom to express yourself freely, with some consideration for others, yet that consideration should not inhibit who you are. To do as you feel, and wish, rather than as is expected and ruled as what is supposed to be done because those are the rules and rules are rules. Fuck rules! There are too many of the things and all of them put together conflict each other greatly.

So, if you ‘Like’ me, do it because you want to, not as a favour… I may disappoint your expectations of a favour being repaid because I’m doing whatever I please, and I’m thinking that you are doing the same.