I Never Talk About Sex…

Barbara Brennan Energy chart

Energetic Defense Systems chart by Barbara Ann Brennan


I also often do what I say I never do. In fact, when I hear myself say the word ‘never’, I know that soon enough I’m going to do whatever it is the never was referring to. It acts like a curse, or a signal.

I usually don’t talk about sex because like religion and politics, it is connected to personal beliefs, and it is a minefield of arguments. Debate flies out the window and is replaced by dogma. Since beliefs get strengthened when more people agree with it, what may be an illusion becomes more tangible and real as more people pour their energy into making a dream a reality, people tend to batter you with their beliefs until you agree with them rather than accept that there are alternate realities coexisting in one place. That I can believe one thing and you can believe another, these beliefs may even be polar opposites, and both of them are valid. You do not need to be wrong for me to be right, nor do I have to be an idiot for you to be a genius.

I’m not really going to talk about sex, not in the way it is usually discussed, but I am going to use it as a way to demonstrate an idea which intrigues me.

Many years ago, when the New Age movement first began, I was at my most voracious when it came to reading and experimenting with philosophy, psychology, self help (which was also new at the time), mysticism, theology, parapsychology, and anything which proffered to know the true nature of people, life, and the universe. I was going through an existential phase, trying to answer THE question – What’s the meaning of life? In truth, I really wasn’t that interested in answering the question for anyone else, I just wanted to know why I was alive, and what was the purpose of my life. This question was burning a hole in me. I needed to know because I really didn’t see any point in being alive, or continuing to be alive. Things were very grim. For me personally. And in the world around me. Everyone was obsessed with money, power, and climbing some invisible ladder, trampling on hands and heads to get to the top, and global nuclear meltdown was just a button click away. Sound familiar? Plus ca change…

Anyway, one of the authors whose work I read at the time was Barbara Ann Brennan. Her work centred mainly around spiritual healing using the natural energy fields surrounding our bodies, and encompassing all of us, mind, emotions, soul, and whatever else is there. To some she was a complete crackpot, to others she was an enlightened teacher. I shouldn’t talk about her in the past tense since she is still alive, but I haven’t revisited her work for a long time, so it’s in the past for me.

As with a lot of the books I read and the subjects which I study, when I move on, I tend to only keep what is relevant to me, what stood out and imprinted itself on my mind, the rest washes out of me and away. The only thing which stuck with me from Barbara Brennan’s work was the energy defense chart. My mind took a snapshot of it, and kept it in a file, a file in which I place all things pertaining to human interactions, and different ways of viewing them.

The concept that all of us have an energy force field is fascinating. We often describe others and ourselves in terms of energy. We talk about being zapped, shocked, drained, overpowered, electrified. We notice the change in atmosphere when certain people walk into a room and others walk out. Now some of that has to do with how we feel about a person, if we’re in love with someone, their presence and absence will always affect us, and the same applies to someone we hate.

To view interactions and relationships from an energy level is very intriguing and it adds a dimension of understanding. Such as when you feel as though you are being attacked, yet the person you think is doing the attacking has a lovely smile on their face and looks utterly innocent. Psychologically you could either conclude that you are being paranoid or that the other person is being passive-aggressive. There are nuances, the situation could be a bit of both, especially if there is a long history between the two of you. However if you do not know the other person at all, though they may remind you of someone you know who behaves in the way they are behaving, you would probably negate your impression, doubt yourself, and let them get away with what they are doing to you.

The sex bit comes in now. Sex is an exchange of energy. And in many ways, every interaction between humans is an act of sex. Our energy fields penetrate others and are penetrated by others. We take in seeds of thought, ideas, emotions, and if they find fertile ground, those seeds grow. What they grow into depends upon us, mostly. On how we nurture the thought, idea, emotion, what we feed it, what we feel about it, and what we want to do with it, our ambitions for the brain child growing within us.

When I say that it mostly depends upon us, I mean that sometimes we have holes in our energy fields which allow easy access to our inner self to others. They can manipulate us from within. That feeling that we are not being ourselves comes from this sort of a scenario. Our energy field has a hole in it, and someone’s energy hand has pushed its way through the hole and is inside of us, manipulating us. We’re still us, and even though we know we do not want to clap, our hands are being made to do so. Certain parents, often accidentally, usually because it was done to them, do this to their children. They create the hole and leave it there. The child does not realise their energy field isn’t supposed to have a hole, so it is never repaired. If the parent ever lets go of the hold they have of their child, removing their hand, they leave them open to having someone else take the place of the parent. One energy hand is replaced by another. The child and subsequent adult only knows this way of life, and feels incomplete without the energy hand within them.

I know, it sounds creepy, but there is a lot of creepiness in human interaction. Neediness is very creepy. You can feel the feelers of energy emanating from a needy human being touching your energy field, looking for ways in, seeking a means to latch onto to you like a leech and feed. Their energy field is emaciated and needs sustenance. Bullying is very creepy. You can feel the spikes on the energy field of a bully pushing against you trying to burst your energy field, so that they can get to you and crush you with the juggernaut they have created to protect a terrified and tiny inner self. They cover their energy field with the flattened energy fields of others, like skins sewn over skins to strengthen as a scar covers a wound, because most bullies have a giant gaping wound within them which is festering and frightening the bully.

There are many glorious exchanges of energy too. We all know and adore those. Feeling the warm sunshine penetrating our darkness, as a kind soul embraces us and encourages us, gives us hope and inspiration. The sweet and tender energy caresses of someone who loves us, and with just one look can reassure us, smoothing the rough surface of our frayed energy field. The boost of sudden enthusiasm when our bouncing energy field collides and merges with another bouncing energy field, and fun ensues, creativity is born, and the world seems as though it is the most beautiful place in the universe.

I never talk about sex, but, in some ways, all conversations are sexual. Words penetrate. Words are received. Sometimes words make babies. Please note, I am a thoroughly irresponsible parent to the babies created from the seeds of my words. If they create a monster, or if they create a magnificent masterpiece, the credit is all yours. Since what we say is often not what people hear… that’s my opt out clause. Besides. Karma is listening too and will deal with me accordingly.

Right, I’m exhausted, sated, and need a postcoital nap. Your turn to word me up, leave your seeds in the comment slot…