Internet Treasures: NOTCOT


OhMiBod musical vibrator via NOTCOT

Because my Mercury is in Aquarius and finds everything fascinating… Because my Venus is in Pisces and finds everything beautiful… Because my Neptune is in the 3rd house of the mind and never knows wtf is going on, but since it is in Scorpio, it thinks it should figure out what is going on, but first it wants to escape everything for a while…

Places like NOTCOT are an escapist’s dream, a flowing fountain of fascination, and a beautiful haven. There are so many things to discover and explore in so many diverse ways.


All in one place in stylish blog format… NOTCOT

Love travel… NOTVENTURES!


Love drinks… LIQURIOUS!

Love fashion… NOTCOUTURE!

Love a mix of miscellany, gadgets, art, inventions, ideas, and all… NOTCOT.ORG

Oh the hours and hours I’ve enjoyed clicking links, finding new treasures, and filling my mind with the wonderful world of internet treasures! NOTCOTLOVEIT!!!!