Reality… What is it exactly, anyone know?

We’ve all had a moment when we have wondered if what we were experiencing as life, as reality, was actually real or just a dream, perhaps a dream within a dream. I’ve had a few of those. Freaky. So what is real and what is not? Do any of us know.

I’ve been corresponding with a young lady on tumblr who keeps asking me these questions. What do I tell her… in truth, I haven’t a clue! My version of reality is someone else’s version of unreality. I said that much to her, because… now is the time of radical authenticity… whatever that means.

I try to be authentic, but it just seems as though I am fighting against a tide of illusion. Perhaps the illusion which I perceive is what is radically authentic, and what I think is radically authentic is illusion.

Mind fuck on a Pluto square Uranus exact day!

How’s it going for you?