Internet Treasures: SUBNORMALITY! by Virus Comix Online Empire

birds | Subnormality | Virus Comix

Birds | SUBNORMALITY | Virus Comix Online Empire

SUBNORMALITY is one of my all time favourite online comics. It is a part of the Virus Comix Online Empire. The genius behind this eye feast of words and art is Winston Rowntree (not the author’s real name).

Every comic is, as far as I am concerned, sublime. When I’ve had enough of RL, this is the wonder cave I run into and hide while enjoying the artistic delights of a truly original soul. Wisdom can be found in the most unlikely places, and this unlikely place dishes out some superb wisdom – Let’s All Get Plastic Surgery! – or – … (to me this episode is the most perfect description of a real friendship)

I love the most recent entry – see above comic – beautiful and poignant. True and true, through and through. For me anyway.

My all time favourite is Oedipus Redux – see below

reducks - subnormality - virus comix

Winston Rowntree is one of the best comic geniuses and artists ever! In my version of the world I am not exaggerating! Love this!