Long Posts versus Short Posts

Trying out this quickpress feature for this post. Normally I post via the longwindedpress because most of my posts are long winded. I know that blogging advice tells you to write short yet not too short posts… if your reason for blogging is to please your blog audience. If your reason for blogging is to satisfy some inner need, the rules are different.

When I first started blogging, it was with the purpose of expressing myself, for myself. Unblock blockages within me. Then I got followers and I started to get self conscious. I reigned myself in, realised this was silly. So I got over being self conscious and returned to my original purpose for blogging. Then I started a second blog and I got new followers and became self conscious again.

I have told myself to write what I want to write but in shorter versions. But I am very rebellious, and I rebel against my own rules as much, maybe more, as I do against other people’s rules. So the rebellion has resulted in even longer posts than I usually write.

I was questioning myself about this, and have come to the temporary conclusion that I tend to write extra long posts when I don’t want people to read them, but I am compelled to write them and post them to achieve a shift within myself. By posting I challenge my old ways, and encourage myself to face certain things which I would otherwise evade. Thus the longer my posts are, the more I reveal of myself within them. If my post is short, then I am revealing less. Not sure as true as I think it is, or if this is a good thing or a bad thing… it’s probably a blend of both.

I feel a tangent coming on, time to Publish and move on…