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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Why Narcissists feel their actions do not count by NPDrecovery


As those of you who have read my posts may know, I am the only child of two malignant Narcissist. So, Narcissism, and understanding it, how it works, is one of my passions in life.

Understanding it allows me to understand my life, and some of the experiences I have had. It also helps to heal things like shame. Narcissists use shame as a device to get people to do their bidding.

Narcissist is a term often used to describe someone who is a bit obsessed with themselves. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is very different from being just a little bit obsessed with yourself. Narcissism is a phase we all pass through, and it is a healthy element of the human being. However if a person suffers some sort of trauma when they go through the natural Narcissistic phase of human growth and evolution, then they may become stuck, distorted, or disordered. They may develop Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Although much of the literature pertaining to Narcissistic Personality Disorder is very correct, it often fails to underline the fact that most sufferers of NPD are not always aware of what they are doing. They often believe their own lies, which is why they are so convincing.

This series of videos is very illuminating. There is humour to them as they are cartoons, and well… check them out. They are incredibly accurate, and for those who have ever had a relationship with someone who has NPD, they give an insight into it which is invaluable, especially if you still blame yourself for what was done to you. Blame is a game played very effectively by NPDs. They seek to be blameless, thus they seek out people willing to accept their blame.

I am very grateful to the person who created these videos – NPDrecovery – as she has filled in some pieces of the NPD puzzle for me.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. This video is illuminating and explained some of the why as to the Narcissist that I didn’t understand such as the rage outburst or attack. How sad. This saddens me.


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