Butterfly Mind


Brimstone by MoonVooDoo

My mind is in butterfly mode, flitting from thought to thought as though from flower to flower, today… well, it’s tomorrow now, this post has been sitting in the draft folder for hours and has some cobwebs on it already. I did consider leaving it there to join several other posts which never quite made out of the draft trap… but… some reason or other.

I can’t concentrate, and yet at the same time my mind is very sharp at the moment. I figured something out which I was telling myself in the post I wrote the other day. I said something rather cryptic which I knew was only for me, that it would bother me that I had put it in the post, but I left it in because I wanted that irritation to trigger a reaction, which was to urge me to find out wtf I was hinting at.

But I won’t expand on it. I am feeling very possessive of my thoughts and reluctant to share them. Just like a butterfly who aggressively guards the flowers it is tending, chasing other butterflies and occasionally a bumble bee off… sometimes making it very hard for an amateur photographer to capture its beauty.

Sometimes a thought needs to be kept within. It’s a form of gestation. The thought needs time to develop and take shape before it is ready to be born. Premature birth of a thought usually kills the inspiration which brought it on. Or something like that. I learned that from reading Agatha Christie’s autobiography… and then testing the theory out. I also learned from her, through Miss Marple, that if someone new reminds you of someone you already know, the chances are that they are very similar… that has been quite a useful gem of wisdom.

See, flit flit… Bye!