Internet Treasures: Pinterest


Plugging Pinterest!

Where do I begin with this without sounding like an asshole? Kidding, not kidding. I found the image I posted with this on Pinterest and it made me chuckle… I get loads of chuckles from Pinterest. The weirdest one to date is that Ryan Gosling seems to be stalking me via every search I do. Is there any search criteria on Pinterest that doesn’t result in a Ryan Gosling Pin? If there is, I haven’t found it yet, and I have put some odd words into the search bar.

I love Pinterest. The lazy in me loves Pinterest. The me that likes to Pinterest to relax while not watching TV even though it is on loves it. The me that is searching for whatever it is I am searching for loves Pinterest. The me who finds new information about myself, who I am, who I am not, and such self indulgences loves Pinterest. Every new board I create… there’s something there, telling me something, about me, about life, about others, about… nothing and everything… perhaps inspiring me, leading me to information, or not… a link to somewhere new… somewhere old which I had forgotten about… perhaps giving me something to write about in a post on my blogs, or something to share in case others are interested in what interests me.

I was a bit doubtful about it when I first became aware of it. You had to request an invitation at that time to join, so I said fuck off and didn’t. Then it became open to everyone and so I tried it out. Because that’s my way of knowing and learning. Never take someone else’s word, always find your own.

In some ways it is just a giant mood board… yet it is so much more. I’m not planning my wedding, decorating my ideal home, or interested in cooking… but Pinterest is whatever you want it to be. And there are so many very interesting Pinterests created by very eclectic people out there. Following is key, but it is different from following on other social media… it is passive, yet… fucks knows what I’m saying, try it out for yourself, love it, hate it, keep it, delete it. You are the master and decider!

My original purpose for using it was to source more images for my tumblr. My WordPress and tumblr have certain similarities… I am the idiot behind both of them… but with WordPress I tend to just be egocentric, me, me, and more me, whereas with my tumblr I post a lot of art and photography by frigging awesome talented souls who share their creations with us via the internet.

What I didn’t expect from Pinterest was that I would end up exploring things which would open me up to so much more… I have a board dedicated to helping me to understand Narcissism and heal the wounds that being the only child of two Malignant Narcissists have caused. It’s been emotional. And surprisingly deep. And very useful.

My Pinterest – Ursula (Perfidia) on Pinterest – No deep meaning to using Perfidia, that song was playing on the radio when I created my Pinterest. Check it out if you are curious. Better still, create your own and explore your own curiosity. Let me know what your account is via the comments if you want me to Pinterest stalk you 😉