The Mountain Goat with the Fish Tail

I heard this song playing the other day and it just said to me – I’m your anthem for this year! I think I said another song was my anthem earlier, well, it’s just been replaced. Love this!

The Mountain Goats – This Year

The video made me chuckle.

This year has so far been one challenge after another. Last year was challenging too, but in a fun way. The year before that was challenging too, but in a completely wacky crazy amazing way. The year before that… well, life is challenging, but sometimes it feels like you’ve hit a challenge jackpot and everything comes at you at once rather than in dribs and drabs with breathers in between. So far, no breathing space in sight.

This year is like climbing a mountain with very little equipment… no, it’s more like being half mountain goat, which is useful for climbing, but then having to drag a fish tail behind me, which is not so useful for climbing.

Of course I’m referring to the symbol of Capricorn. What’s with it? Why does the goat have a fish tail? It’s not practical, yet Capricorns are supposed to be the epitome of down to earth practical. Yet, if you go by the chimera which represents the sign, it’s a mountain goat who can’t climb and a fish who can’t swim. You can’t swim with hoofs can you? Perhaps you can, but the weight of the horns would drag you under, and, as far as I know, goats can’t breathe underwater. Seems a bit effed up.

Then again, at the moment, I have hit a wall of stupid inside my mind, so I probably shouldn’t be contemplating the meaning of symbols and whatnot. Just focus on the fact that I am a stubborn old goat who is going to climb this mountain of challenges which I am facing this year dragging the damn fish tail with me as I go… even if it kills me. I hope it doesn’t because I’m giving myself a standing ovation for Christmas… perhaps I should wait and give it to myself on my birthday, then I’ll have to survive into the new year.

Cappy humour can be a bit dark, but when you’re a mountain goat with the tail of a fish… well, you have to laugh because Capricorns don’t cry, crying obscures vision which is perilous when climbing.


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