A Quick Dream about a Badger and Wizard’s Hat

Last night I dreamed that I was digging in the garden and unearthed a sleeping hedgehog. The hedgehog morphed into a badger, who gave me a wizard’s hat. I refused to take the hat as it was not mine. He insisted that it belonged to me. I accepted it. End of dream (Not really, the damn dream went on forever and became more and more bizarre, this was the best bit, and it also made sense to me based on what had happened the day before and what I was thinking before I went to sleep – about thorns of inspiration turning into blessings – see my earlier post)

Quick interpretation:

Hedgehogs have spikes = the things in life about ourselves which poke and prod us and sometimes hurt us

Hedgehog turning into a badger = To badger is a form of nagging, when something about ourselves, or life, or another person, bothers us, it nags us until we focus on it in an effort to try and remove the thorn and stop the nagging. This attention may reveal to us the gift lying within the seemingly negative trait, experience, thing.

The Gift of the Wizard’s Hat = When you accept something about yourself or your life, or even another person, which you don’t want, don’t think is yours, or don’t like, you are often given a gift which goes with it. Within all bad things is something good. Accepting something about yourself which you don’t like endows you with a magical power to transform the bad into something life changing. Such as shyness giving the gift of self confidence (again, see earlier post).

Or something along those lines.

This was written hastily… perhaps writing hastily is better than writing slowly and methodically. Wearing my wizard hat now! Everything I say is wizard hat approved 😉