Internet Treasures: Hades and Persephone – What Really Happened by GlowRune78

This video – Hades and Persephone – What Really Happened by GlowRune78– which I absolutely love, hit a very deep chord with me when I saw it.

Not just because I have an affinity with Pluto, due to having it natally in my first house, or because all of the transits of Pluto usually hit me hard, but because I experienced a situation very similar to this in my own love life.

My mother felt that she owned me. I was her thing, her toy, her possession, and that was that. Every time I looked like I might fall in love, or that someone might be falling in love with me, she would step in. Always for my own good, she used to repeatedly claim that she feared I might get hurt, deeply wounded and never be able to love again. The fact that she was the person who continuously deeply wounded me… well that was not relevant. Everything she did to me was from a place of love, and I was an ungrateful brat.

If a person showed an interest in me romantically, she would take them over. I can’t explain how this works. It is a typically Narcissistic move. Both my parents, both malignant narcissists, did this with all my friends. They would step in and take over, then push me out of the relationship. I have so many examples of this… too many.

It took me a long time to fall in love, mostly because I decided that before I could have that kind of a relationship I needed to sort myself out because I was very fucked up in the membrane. My mother wanted me to hate men, but only succeeded in making me hate women because she was my main example of a woman. My father wanted me to hate women, but only succeeded in making me hate men because he was my main example of a man. They both wanted me to hate myself, I did, but a small acorn inside of me refused to do that. And it was thanks to the friend I found in my reflection in a mirror (narcissists hate their own reflection in a mirror, they are in love with a false image, a fake reflection, a projection, they create false reflections for their victims, if you can see through it and see your true self you break free from the narcissist’s spell. Thus a reflection is the problem and the solution) that I was able to grow that acorn into an oak tree and learn to love and respect myself. That made me realise that if I was ever to love another human being, I had to delete the script which I had been given for living life and rewrite it. I don’t hate men or women or myself. We’re not our gender, we’re individual souls…

Anyway, one day, after a long and arduous slog in sorting through the psychological and emotional crap inside of me… I had an epiphany. Shortly after that epiphany I met a man who… WOW… I fell madly in love with. Luckily he felt the same.

My mother was furious. She tried to destroy the relationship using every trick in her arsenal of tricks, nothing worked… not to push us apart. It drove us together more quickly. My father then tried his hand at destruction. Still didn’t work. The love of my life was completely immune to my parents. This was astounding to me, and I loved him even more for it.

He whisked me away from Hell and introduced me to Heaven. I had never been loved before, certainly not for myself, as I am. I had never been accepted and encouraged to be myself, flaws and all.

Pluto abducting this Persephone was wonderful and changed my life completely for the better. A topsy turvy happily ever after. Sure, it’s not perfect… I don’t want perfection… I want something real, alive and… it is.

The other day someone asked me about how the transiting Pluto/Uranus square may be affecting them. I’m not an astrologer, so some of the details escape me. However I have read a lot of astrological texts over the years, one of the things which I have learned from some very inspiring masters of astrology, Jeffrey Green and Howard Sasportas in particular, is that to truly understand the energy, influence, and effects of a planet, you have to explore the myth.

If you really want to understand Pluto, then knowing the myth of Hades and Persephone is very important. I love this take on it, hope you do too!