Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

Show Me from My Fair Lady – Disneyfied version created by AmaterasuTao

This year more than ever before what’s happening in my life is very clearly reflected in my astrological chart. In fact it is so spot on at times that I am left feeling like a puppet made of star stuff being manipulated by the sky. So, I’ve been keeping tabs on what’s happening up there to know what might happen down here.

Last night I read this – Show How – Water Trine Sun by Len Wallick on Planet Waves – and the bit which stood out the most for me was this:

“Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Show us what you got. Show us how to do it, as it has never been done before. Most importantly, and to use as your guide, show us as you would have any one of us show to, and about, you.” – ©Len Wallick

My astrological chart is finally showing me how astrology works rather than just telling me stuff which I can’t see in myself or my life, and this has enabled me to finally understand it more than I ever have… and I have been studying astrology on and off since I was in my teens.

This Don’t Tell Me, Show Me theme has been a consistent part of my life. I have dyslexia, thus I learn better by seeing words in action. Visual stimulation and hands on experience equals fast absorption of knowledge, theoretical talk equals too much abstract information for the mind to process, which equals slow learning. When someone tries to explain something to me with words alone, at some point I hear my mind go – blah blah blah – and it switches off, tunes out.

This also plays a part in my personal relationships.

I prefer people whose words about themselves are confirmed by their actions, who show me who they are, what they mean, because the same words can have multiple definitions, and the actions define the meaning of those words in that person’s inner dictionary. This gives me a stable image of them to hold in my mind. I can also trust their words, and I listen to them with more attention.

People who just talk endlessly about their identity, who they are, what they are like, what they think, what they feel, what they do, will do… words strung like beads on a long and pretty necklace with which they are adorning themselves covering the person underneath… whose actions often don’t back up their words and often contradict their identity, give me a very unstable image of themselves. The image created by their actions causes interference with the image created by their talk. When listening to these people at some point I hear my mind go – blah blah blah – and it zones out.

For me, the stable image leads to trust, whereas the unstable image leads to distrust.

It’s a simplistic formula, and there is plenty of room for movement as it is not a rule just a guideline.

I apply it to myself too. It is how I know the difference between my own fact and fiction. How I confirm who I am versus who I think I may be. How I decide what I truly want versus what I think I want or have convinced myself I should want. How I discover whether I really know something, rather than imagine that I know it. And so on.

Self trust is an important part of my relationship with myself. Walking my talk stabilises the image of my identity in my mind… having an unstable image of myself in my mind causes chaos in my life.

I love the idea that we may be entering a period of Show and Tell, where actions will speak louder than words, where the words complement the action, frame it, but are not considered the action, because I truly have had enough of lots of Telling with very little to show for all the words… there have been moments when I have wanted to yell at the world – SHUT UP AND SHOW ME!

Whether this idea is true remains to be seen… for now it is only words in an article.