Pigeon Tiptoe Dancer

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What Is Your Yogi Name? via YogaDork

The title of this post is my yogi name. Not based on my initials, because that one was not satisfying to this yogi’s ego… oops, yogis don’t have egos… it did not express my yoginessence.

Just some silly fun found on Pinterest while searching for… wtf was I searching for? Pinterest searches are always a mystery as are the results. Still convinced Ryan Gosling is stalking me through the results, his face turns up in almost every search and it is getting to the point where I might have to write to him asking him to stop… but I have to be careful because I might end up writing to Ryan Reynolds instead and he won’t know what I’m talking about. I confuse those two all the time!

Happy Hump Day! Hope you made it over the hump and didn’t trip… if you did trip and are still lying there, at least you now have something silly to distract you from your predicament, and, who knows, maybe this was meant to be and it will lead you on a new path to a humpless existence.

I wonder if I try searching for Ryan Gosling if all the results will be of everything except him? Must go and try this experiment!


  1. That made me smile… Pigeon Tiptoe Dancer. I really like pigeons too and they can do a tiptoe dance while cooing that is quite lovely. For my real initials using my middle name initial I haven’t used in many moons, my Yogi name is Skye Journey Dancer. Now, I just love that and it suits. What a fun way to play! I made it over the hump but to where I am not sure…. 🙂


    • Hi Skye Journey Dancer, Thank you 😀 I am sure wherever you go will be a wonderful adventure, and you’ll leave sparkling footprints so others can follow you there!


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