Do I Sound Like A Nutcase?

Probably. I just don’t know. Have you ever thought about how you sound to others?

I used to think about that a lot simply because I would say things which seemed logical and straightforward to me, and the expression on the face of the person I was speaking to… well, it was quizzical.

Over time, since this happened so often, I came to the conclusion that I was either talking in tongues, and without access to a Babelfish others just simply did not understand my language, or that I was actually talking in the same language, but what I was saying was so strange that it just couldn’t be processed logically by the brains of others.

I am very curious about how I sound to others, mostly because it would help me to adjust my speaking style to suit them and thus be understood, but also because I’m vain. Need a bit of vanity since it prompts self awareness, and it reminds me that others can see and hear me. I know I shouldn’t need reminding of that, but sometimes I forget.

On a side note – my partner just read the title of this piece over my shoulder and said ‘Yes… I don’t know why you have all those others words in the post.’

There you go…