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Since I’ve had some wonderful comments on my astrological posts, I thought I’d share some of my resources. I am not an astrologer, however recently I’ve understood more about astrology than ever before, and so I’ve shared what I’ve understood in my posts.

My method is experimental and intuitive, rather than technical. I occasionally fudge details… I have a Neptune influenced mind and details get fuzzy and confused at times, occasionally this leads to a discovery. I do make every effort to be as accurate as I’m ever going to be. I do a lot of research, then see how the information applies to me and to my life. If it doesn’t fit, I throw it out… but sometimes it makes sense later on, so I go back to it.

I gather much of my information from the internet. So many great minds share their knowledge freely and liberally on it. Thank you! And Tim Berners-Lee… I owe you a debt of infinite gratitude! Thank you very much!

However one of my greatest sources of information is a book. One book. I have read many astrological books, all of them interesting, but only one is falling apart because I keep rereading it, and pouring over its contents.

The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas

Understanding the houses is a vital element of reading a chart. The way a sign or a planet expresses its energy is influenced by the house it is in. This book is a fantastic guide to the houses, to the signs, and it gives explanations of how the aspects work, which is also important to understanding the planetary energy in your chart, yourself and your life.

For example – My Sun is in the 5th house of creativity, a great placement for the Sun so in theory I should be a creative powerhouse, but in practice my creativity always seems to get blocked… because my Sun is squared by Saturn, which means I feel that my creative endeavours are never good enough. This piece of knowledge clarified some issues for me and has really helped me to unlock my blocks.

My Favourite Internet Astrological Links:

1 – Astrodienst – Everything you need is here. Generate your own chart and learn how to read it. Keep track of transits. Check your daily astro. Play with asteroids, fixed stars, and hypothetical points. There are many free features which are very useful, I love the Astro Click Portrait. There is also the option of buying many diverse types of readings. There is so much on this site that it’s an overflowing astrological treasure chest.

2 – The Oxford Astrologer – On reading Christina’s astrological profiles of well known people, in which she shows how to spot astrological energies within a person’s words, actions, and life, I learned how to spot my own chart in my actions, words, and life. She showed me how to put together the knowledge of astrology and the knowledge of the person, myself and others. Intelligent and insightful blog. Very friendly and helpful astrologer.

3 – Mystic Medusa I don’t visit this site as much as I used to. However it is an excellent astrology blog. Full of fun astro tidbits. I particularly liked the posts which equated home decor with astrology signs. This idea intrigued me. I had never thought about astrology being reflected in things such as home decor, and it gave me a new perspective on astrological influences and energy. Made me see astrology in things which I did not associate with it.

4 – Astrotheme – I mainly use this site to search their database of well known people using astrological criteria. Observing others with similar placements can be revealing. If I think someone famous or infamous reminds me of myself in some way, or of someone I know, I will check their astrology chart to see if there is a link. Sometimes there is which is where the investigative fun begins. When I watched a biopic of Jacques Mesrine, I recognised some traits which I had in him, so I checked his astro, and found the connection between our charts. This helped to shed some light on my chart and myself.

5 – Julie Demboski – Great daily insights into how what is happening in the sky influences what is happening to the humans on Earth. There have been days when I have been feeling a bit perplexed and checking her post for the day has clarified the issue for me.

6 – The DK Foundation – A wonderful introduction to esoteric astrology, with a collection of thought-provoking articles.

7 – Alltop – Top Astrology News – Okay. I’m lazy. I like places where I can see everything at once and then decide where I want to go. I also like places which give me the opportunity to check out other places which I would not normally consider checking out. Interesting discoveries can be made this way. This does not have every astrological site on the internet, but it does have an eclectic mix. I often start from here if I want to know what’s happening in the astrological world. It’s led me to some wonderful sites which I now visit all the time.

8 – Planet Waves – I particularly like the articles written by Len Wallick, he is very intuitive in his approach to astrology. Eric Francis is very knowledgeable, in fact the other day when I was doing a search on Eris, goddess of discord, I found a PDF of an article by Eric Francis which was so full of information I got lost in it and enjoyed being lost. This blog is a very good resource for all sorts of astro info.

9 – Scribd – This is a digital library. It’s full of information about every subject imaginable. I did a search a while ago looking for more information about Pluto and Uranus, especially in the 1st house, and one of the results lead me here. It’s easy to get lost in the searches. Some of the info is scraps, and sometimes it is very much like accessing the Akashic Records. Info on Pluto in the 1st and Info about Uranus.

10 – Ruby Slipper Astrology – Nadia Gilchrist is very insightful, I love her take on astrology, and I particularly enjoy following her tweets as she can condense the essence of an astrological aspect in a few words and be completely spot on.

11 – Forrest Astrology – Steven Forrest’s website has loads of info. I recently used it to confirm information about transiting Uranus through the houses.

12 – Kelly Surtees Astrologer – I haven’t checked this site out in depth as I only came across it the other day when I was searching for the Mid Life Crisis Transits. I’d lost the bookmark of another site which had similar info, and the article which I read – What is the meaning of midlife? – was so well rounded that I thought I’d add it here.

13 – ElsaElsa – This is a great blog for information about how astrology affects the day to day. Lots of personal stories which reflect people living their astrology. I love the articles by Satori, she gives a humourous, no nonsense take on things, and so I learn with a chuckle.

My brain has ground to a halt. I have loads more links, and will add to this list later, maybe tidy it up a bit too… Enjoy, hope it helps!


  1. That book seems really interesting! I already a bit about the houses I just haven’t gone into them in depth yet. The only link I knew was astrotheme haha, that’s a great website, I’ll definitely check out some of the others, I love getting different perspectives and interpretations on astrology ๐Ÿ˜€
    I haven’t explored your blog yet but I also blog about astrology, its great! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Hi Aaran, Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€
      I’ve just been checking out your blog and love it! I’m going to enjoy exploring your posts and how astrology works for you. I love your idea of making astrology come alive by making it personal, funny and unique (as you said in your About).
      โค Ursula


    • Hi Julie, Thank you very much for sharing the insights which you do ๐Ÿ˜€ I just read your Little Something for the Weekend and it is spot on. I was having a discussion with myself about a problem and how to solve it, and this bit – we take possession of our own significant store of power and authority – hit a deep chord. It’s exactly what I need to do. I’ve been dithering. I am very grateful for the timely nudge in the right direction. Your words are arrows of wisdom hitting at the right time in the right place. I’m very grateful, thank you. โค Ursula


    • Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

      There are loads of great astrologers whom I did not mention in this post.

      Looking at this post now… it is a skeleton without most of its bones.

      I think my thinking here was that those who are interested in astrology already know and have studied the greats, like Dane Rudhyar.

      This is a personal blog where I share the meanderings of me – I’m an enthusiast of astrology not an astrologer – and it surprises me when anyone reads what I write.

      With Neptune in the 3rd (aspecting pretty much everything in my chart) and Merc in Aqua (trine Uranus conjunct Jupiter)… my thinking is always a bit all over the place and nebulous. I tend to be random and it doesn’t always make any sense to me (maybe at the time it did but afterwards…???) or anyone else.

      People being surprised by what I’ve included or missed out, said or not said, is not something which surprises me. I’m always grateful when someone fills in a blank I’ve left, comments and shares.

      My very first taste of astrology when I was 14 came through Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs (it came earlier but I really didn’t notice it when it happened). After that I worked my way through the works of many of the classic astrologers, and some of the less conventional ones. I took a detour through the work of Alice Bailey, and those connected to her. Not sure how much I understood then or now, but it is a fascinating subject which can explain some things that other things don’t necessarily explain, that’s why I like it.

      The thing which has surprised me the most in recent times is how many people reject astrology and feel the need to try and make those who accept it feel odd about accepting it. Such is life, I guess.


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