How To Do An ‘Inception’ on Yourself

So last night I finally got around to watching Inception. It’s a beautifully constructed screenplay and movie. I love Christopher Nolan’s mind (yes, I’m one of those people who gets turned on by minds, sexually too, but mostly it’s all about a shot of inspiration zapping my mind from the mind of another. ps. don’t worry Mr. Nolan, I just want to see your films, I’m not a stalker kind of mind lover). Memento is one of my all time favourite movies. I love films which make me think, especially if they stir up ideas I haven’t considered, or give me a new way of looking at something.I particularly enjoy looking at things back-to-front and upside-down (hence the name of my Wp).

I love thinking, the more complex the thought the better, if it is a labyrinth, then I’m in my element. The mind is a natural labyrinth, and figuring out how to navigate your mind is one of the great challenges and joys of life. At least it is for me… being a bit on the very fucked up side, I like to know what makes me tick and tock.

I am a very vivid dreamer. I always have been. I often find solutions to problems in my dreams, and if not an actual solution, then the dynamics of a situation which can then elucidate matters and allow me to evolve a conclusion which leads to a solution. Interpreting my dreams has been made easier by the fact that I have dyslexia and tend to think consciously in imagery. I use images as shorthand for verbose thoughts, which means I can communicate with myself very quickly. So my conscious and subconscious can communicate with each other fairly fluidly using images.

Problems in communication only arise when I have to communicate with someone else. Then I have to translate my mental images into words… and that usually gets messy and complicated and confusing for me and the other person. I can’t just say ‘Butterfly’ to another person and hope they know what I mean by that. We all have different dictionaries in our minds. So a butterfly may mean pretty fluttering ideas to another person, or just an insect, or they may not even know what a butterfly is, but to me it means delicate aggression coupled with metamorphosis. Ugh! I really find communicating with others… brings out all of my most awkward traits. My fault, I know. I wish I could blame others, but… that’s not a viable option.

I have done something similar to the concept behind Inception to myself on several occasions. I think it’s transactional analysis which helped me the most to do this. I have amalgamated so many separate concepts into one formula that remembering where all the components come from is difficult at times. And it doesn’t matter, what matters is that the formula works, and is regularly checked and updated with new data.

The basics of doing an Inception on yourself are as follows: Find your script, mainly by listening to the statements you make about yourself and your life, pick one which is constant and which influences how you perceive yourself, your abilities and capabilities, then follow the thread of that statement to its origins. You may have to pass through several layers of thought, belief, and feeling to find the root of it. The starting point. Once you’ve found the origin of it, you can rewrite your script. Rewriting your script, rewrites who you are for yourself, how you experience yourself and your life. A new script ripples through all the levels of your consciousness breathing new life into you.

Think about it. In many ways thoughts are the way the brain gets blood to flow through it. Stale thoughts make the blood flow slowly, fresh thoughts add oxygen to the blood and produce a natural high. We feel refreshed by new thoughts. Old thoughts make us tired and bored. We go around in a circle which feels like a rut. Breaking free from the circle and rut, makes our synapses ping and zing. A new concept of ourselves affects our entire system, mind, body and soul. We’re alive again, and feel that life course through every atom of our being.

Inception sounds easier to do than it is to do, because we have many defense mechanisms which kick in when we try to tamper with our subconscious. In many ways this is good, some things should be tamper-proof for our own safety and sanity, but sometimes it ends up with self sabotage. We’re trying to help ourselves, but our mind thinks we’re trying to harm ourselves  and the subsequent battle… can be quite thrilling, but the winner takes the spoils and sometimes the spoils is our sanity, sometimes it is our life.

This can be done in dreams. However lucid dreaming is tricky. I do it a lot. I tend to wake up in my dreams when I realise that the environment keeps shifting. Mostly I don’t interfere, just observe. However if there is a fear in the dream, I will encourage myself to face it, because it often reveals itself to be something that I have disowned which needs owning and understanding. I had a great aliens dream which… never mind. Other people’s dreams… blah blah blah.

The thing is, Inception can be done consciously, which in many ways is more effective because the conscious mind is participating in the structure of the subconscious mind and sometimes even the unconscious mind… and it is good to know consciously how the subconscious and unconscious work.

Have I confused you yet? Was that my intent? Are we living in the real world or a dream within a dream which we think is real because we have told ourselves that it is? How I love paradoxes!