Internet Treasures: How To Spot A Narcissist and Have a Laugh While Doing It

How to Spot A Narcissist – Lesson 1 by Emily Johnson

So I was wandering around on t’internet and came across this hilarious yet accurate video instructing those of us who are not Narcissists on how to spot when we are interacting with one.

One thing I’ve noticed is that most Narcissists like to play hide and seek. You are always the seeker and they are always hiding from you. Every time you make a move to find them, they change their hiding place. It’s great fun for them, incredibly boring for you… because, let’s face it, hide and seek is only fun when everyone is playing together. When one person is controlling the game and only making it fun for themselves, completely oblivious to whether others are having fun or not… time to move on to another game. Games are supposed to be an all inclusive fun activity… something which is completely lost on a Narcissist who is obsessed with themselves and really hasn’t a clue about others… ever… at all.

Thing is that the Narcissist knows… buried deep in their pit of fear known as their subconscious… that there is nothing to find. Nothing they want you to find, that is. So they have to remain elusive. But constantly elusive people are boring. If you make an effort to seek, you need a reward, if the reward is more seeking… at some point you realise that you are being strung along and there is no reward… ever… at all.

Someone I know did this to me recently, over and over and over again. It takes me a while to get annoyed. I tend to cut people a lot of slack because… well I need slack cut for me too. However this person was not a slack cutter, and was very demanding, and if their demands were not met… cue tears and tantrums. It was always me having to make the effort to go over to them. If I didn’t, if I stood my ground and asked them to come over and meet me halfway… they’d pull the ‘I’m hurt by you’ card. That game got old very quickly.

There are just so many times I will accept that me being who I am hurts another person before I give up and say fuck off. If who I am hurts you, then get away from me, then you won’t be hurt by me and I don’t have to listen to you telling me who I am hurts you so I should become who you want me to be to suit you. Especially as you never take into account what I may need from you. Ever. At all.

Sore spot hit.

I’m a magnet for Narcissists… FFS! I am now learning to be a Narcissist repellant. Practicing mode is in progress, as I am now dealing with one who has information I need to complete a task… but they are being a right royal pain in the hide and seek arse!