One Day of Summer


OneDayOfSummer by MoonVooDoo

A friend asked me what the weather was like where I live… Then I was given a Fish Eye Lens as a gift… So… playing with the fish eye and capturing what is probably the one day of Summer where I live… Here it is!

I live in the land of the Druids… near farms and nature reserves… and built up areas that are being even more built up… but it is very beautiful and I love it here… even though sometimes over there in the land of blue waters and sandy beaches and constant warmth is very appealing too.

The weather here is mostly wet, damp, and very good for plants which like such conditions… I have nettles in my garden that are taller than I am… butterfly grubs like nettles so I keep them because I like butterflies and so do the flowers… flip flop wearing and bare skin exposure can be hazardous around nettles, luckily dock leaves are also plentiful!

The Sun makes rare appearances which are treated with pomp and circumstance and a bit of confusion… what is this bright orb in the sky!?! Is it the end of days… should I grab a cold drink and soak the rays of such a thing up!?!

Have a wonderful Sun day!