Let Everything Happen To You…

Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche   "Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final” ― Rainer Maria Rilke   One of my favourite paintings and one of my favourite quotes. I have coupled them together because for me they are one and the same. As a child... Continue Reading →

Waking Up With Questions

The past few days I have been waking up with a question. Usually in the moments between being asleep and dreaming, and being awake and getting up, I review my dream. My dreams often have answers for the questions I have asked the night before. Lately however the dream dissipates quickly leaving a blurry space... Continue Reading →

Things We Are Unable To Say

What are the things which we are unable to say? Why do they exist? How does this happen that words get caught inside and don't come out? It is an overused gimmick in soap operas to have a character on the verge of saying something to another character which needs to be said but which... Continue Reading →

Death and Rebirthing Myself – The State of My Year

This is my answer to - Daily prompt: The State of My Year via The Daily Post At the beginning of January I discovered that my father had died. I had been estranged from him and the rest of my family for over ten years. In truth my father was always a stranger, so being... Continue Reading →

Who Are You… Not?

We spend a great deal of our time, our lives, trying to define who we are. Identity. The great I am. We draw blood. What blood type are we, what does it say about us. Hunter, gatherer, wanderer. Old blood carried through the veins of the earliest known human all the way to us, or... Continue Reading →

Big Things and Little Things

Listen to the Little Stuff by SpirituallyThinking Isn't this true for adults too? I find it is with myself and with others. Most of the time I think that interactions are not so much about what is being said as they are about being listened to. Having the attention of another human being and feeling... Continue Reading →

Don’t Mess With Me During Mars versus Pluto Weekend

So... I got this message in my inbox on my tumblr: "Good Afternoon! I think what you are doing is great, however purely creating a blog on your sun sign will make Pluto in Capricorn very angry. If you are a serious astrologer, I beg you to find your rising, your north node, your ascendant,... Continue Reading →

You Are Beautiful Beautiful

  Your life matters, even when you think it doesn’t. You are powerful, even when you think you aren’t. You are beautiful, amazing, beautiful, powerful, and awesome. If you think you aren’t, then it is something you have yet to discover. There is a reason why I used the word beautiful twice to describe you,... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Dragonfly Zen

FlyingDragon by MoonVooDoo I've been neglecting my photography recently. I have my reasons. Not sure if I accept them, but I've learned not to force myself to do something just because I think I should be doing it. It won't work out if I put pressure on myself. I rebel just as much against my... Continue Reading →

Going Around In Circles

The other day in a slightly experimental post, I wrote: Ouroboros. What? Why? I don’t know, that’s what popped into my mind. Fantasy eating reality eating fantasy eating reality. Not eating, the opposite, regurgitating, throwing up. Maybe Ouroboros isn’t eating itself, it is regurgitating itself. A friend of mine read the post while I was... Continue Reading →

Faulty Logic Postulated on Imperfect Data Collection

Luther is a show I have been watching recently. A very well-crafted series with a superb cast. It is a psychological crime drama with a certain moral ambiguity which challenges the mind in a deeply satisfying and slightly disturbing way. I saw the second season in the series first, a while ago, loved it, it... Continue Reading →

Breakdown or Breakthrough

"Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through. It is potential liberation and renewal as well as enslavement and existential death.” ― R.D. Laing For a chick to hatch it has to break its way out of its egg, hacking away at the shell until it cracks, then pushing through the cracks... Continue Reading →

Mind Soup – Stream of Consciousness Natal Neptune in the 3rd Style

This wasn't going to be an astrological post. Is it? I don't know… Initially this was going to be a post in the form of a letter to all those people in my life who have seen me as the enemy, the problem, the difficult one whom they had to fight, put in her place,... Continue Reading →

Holy Pluto Batman!

I watched The Dark Knight Rises the other day... I know... I'm late to parties, that's my way. What struck me the most about the film was the heavy Pluto influence. If you want to understand Pluto and how it works, then The Dark Knight Rises is a film I would recommend. Every character has... Continue Reading →

Internet Treasures: CATS!

I just read an excellent post via Freshly Pressed - Conversations with Cats by The Chowder Head - and laughed until I needed to use a litter box. Yes, I have... I am totally owned and pawned by a cat. So cat humour is my refuge from the complexity of  living with a cat. I... Continue Reading →

A Wander Through the Music I Grew Up With – Warning – May Damage Eardrums and Unsettle Brainwaves

Sometimes I'm very silly, sometimes I'm very serious, sometimes I'm standing on a wobbly bridge in between the two. Since at the moment things keep bringing me back home, sort of, to things I once knew, heard, read, saw... We all have an internal soundtrack, a compilation of songs we love, liked, and songs we... Continue Reading →

Are You My Mother? – Musings on the meaning of Mother

When I was a child something amazing happened - I discovered books. I can't remember the exact moment but I can recall the joy I felt of immersing myself in a story held within a simple object. At first it was through illustrations, beautiful images which came alive and which drew me into their universes.... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Mysterious Ailments – Neptune and the 6th House

Neptune by MelissaFindley on deviantART Reading Julie Demboski's latest post - Aquarius Full Moon 22 July 2013: ‘Liminal Genius’ - I was particularly struck by the physical manifestations of the astrological aspects at play at the moment. She mentioned indigestion as a clue pointing to what in our lives may be indigestible to us. Oh Boy!... Continue Reading →

Blogging Inspiration

Found this Blogger's Manifesto on Pinterest. Ah Pinterest! Hours of idle and not so idle fun! A great source of inspiration for possible posts. Especially if you do random searches designed to find things you are not looking for but perhaps need to find to poke yourself out of ritual and habitual lethargy. I have... Continue Reading →

Men Are Stronger Than Women (yes, I’m entering the fray of gender issues, and yes, I have lost my mind in doing so)

The title of this post - Men are stronger than women - not the bracketed bit, comes from words I spoke when I was about ten years old. They were said to a thirteen year old boy. I had just met him. Perhaps our paths had crossed before this day as we both went to... Continue Reading →

Are You a Magnet for Narcissists?

Please Note: You can skip whatever part you are not interested in - I'm assuming you're interested in a part of this as you're reading it - and go straight to whichever part you are looking for. PART ONE indulges my need to understand NPD due to my being the only child of two Narcissists.... Continue Reading →

This Goat Has Been Got

  I saw this on Pinterest the other day. It caught my eye because I'm a Capricorn. My initial reaction to reading it was to emit a loud chuckle because Capricorn is considered to be the Zodiac sign most likely to be skeptical and least likely to believe in astrology. It is also one of... Continue Reading →

Lilith Interrupted

Lilith by ~Erina on deviantART I was going to write about something else today, but I got interrupted, repeatedly, whilst I was doing it. I decided to scrap that post and write about interruptions instead. The interruptions stopped. Not that long ago I would fly off the handle if I was interrupted. The interruption would... Continue Reading →

Tweet #29 – Listening and Speaking

I learned to listen before I learned to speak. I didn't plan for it to happen that way, it just did as these things do. I spent many years in silence. I hated the silence. I loved the silence. Then I learned how to speak. To myself, not to others. Learning to speak requires an... Continue Reading →

I Think This Belongs To You

From the moment we are born, not our actual physical birth, but the moment our existence enters the conscious mind of others, the moment our birth mother realises that she is pregnant and our birth father realises that his sperm has created a being, people start giving us gifts. Those gifts are a part of... Continue Reading →

The Trippy Trap of Being Special

This is a comment I received on one of my posts: "This is a really good read for me. Must agree that you are one of the coolest bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this useful information. This was just what I was looking for. I’ll come back to this blog for sure!" And... Continue Reading →

Sex With Android Humans From The Future

The title of this piece comes from a dream I had last night. The dream itself wasn't X-rated, but I'm sure if Freud was around to interpret it that he would find all sorts of sexual meaning within it. It all started with an inane little dream. I was in my house trying to solve... Continue Reading →

Sunburn and Emotional Sensisivity

I was going to add this at the end of my previous post, but I forgot... Anyway... All my thoughts of and subsequent post talk of sunburn and emotional sensitivity resulting in explosions reminded me of this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbtW8KB7C8Y Sunburn (1979) - Graham Gouldman From the movie soundtrack of Sunburn (1979), a fun and funny film...... Continue Reading →

Mars in Cancer – The Killer Inside Me

Last night I watched The Killer Inside Me, a film adaptation of the book by Jim Thompson of the same name. I've read the book. A while ago. I created a film inside my head of it as I read it, so I was curious to see if the film version was similar to mine.... Continue Reading →

Emotional Ventriloquism

Ever notice how some people maintain their image of themselves by making others responsible for the parts of themselves which they can't accept. Especially emotions. They project what they are feeling but do not want to feel into others. However they are usually not satisfied with discarding these uncomfortable emotions, they need the other person... Continue Reading →

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