Being Human


I had a chat with a friend recently about being human, and how sometimes humans try to transcend the experience of being human because it can be so very difficult to deal with the experience and everything which comes with it… and yet we are human for a reason, so in essence the experience of our humanness is a very important part of why we are human.

One thing I have learned from experience is that everything does indeed happen for a reason… sometimes that reason is very basic, sometimes it is complex and multi-layered.

Every experience you have, and every person you meet offers you a gift, even if that gift is pain – within the pain can be the inspiration which leads to a new land of undiscovered beauty.

Within us lies as vast an universe as the one which lies outside of us, exploring it can be as challenging as flying to the Moon or trying to capture Dark Matter… and sometimes we need a push to do it because the idea of the unknown within and without can paralyse us with fear.

Sometimes people come into our lives to wake up a part of us which is dormant, and they leave when their task has been accomplished.

The reason we often find it hard to let go of relationships when we break up from a friend or a love is because the things which that relationship brought into our lives, and awoke in our consciousness, still have much to teach us. The person may be gone, but the gifts they gave us by being a part of our lives are still giving and we still have much to receive from them.

Don’t beat up on yourself if you can’t let go of someone who has gone, maybe it is not time for you to move on even if they have, maybe what you are holding on to is a valuable treasure you must explore.

I like being human, I haven’t always, and I did try to transcend and escape it… but eventually I learned to start appreciating it, grudgingly at first, then warming up to it, forgiving it for the pain and suffering, realising that within those were seeds of healing, love, and understanding… and sometimes it was all just a misunderstanding which had grown into a mountain of confusion… but never forgetting all it has enabled me to experience.

Life is a rose which reveals itself petal by petal… and so are you because you are an embodiment of life.


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    Reminding myself that I am human, and that others are too… is something which can make things better in the smallest of ways.
    It’s a pause, a moment to reflect and just be as is.
    Sometimes the world can feel as though it is demanding that we be not human at all… which is a rather human demand.
    Life is strange and so are we.
    Take care of your very human and lovely selves!


  2. ❤ Sometimes the lesson comes over and over again. And sometimes even when we are very close to learning it we replay it one more time to confirm that it is indeed the lesson. And I think you are so right, sometimes even when people really teach us painful lessons its hard to let them go (the person that is) and sometimes after hating that they had to give you that lesson in time you learn to love and be grateful for it too…. Tis a strange and multifaceted thing, this being human.


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