Bumble Bee Friends


BEEfriend by MoonVooDoo

This is a pic I took of a Bumblebee on a Rhododendron flower. I love Bumblebees. I sometimes feed them honey. Don’t ask. It’s fun. They love honey, especially when they’re very tired from a hard day’s work. They do this thing on heavy days, when thunder and rain are in the air, they fall asleep on flowers. If you offer them a bit of honey on a spoon, they lap it up.

I once had a bumblebee freak out. There is one type of bumblebee which is very aggressive, most are cute and fuzzy. The red-tailed bumblebee is fierce. It doesn’t like the cute and fuzzy thing. One day I was sitting minding my own business and this red-tailed bumblebee kept buzzing me. It seemed to not like my presence. I freaked and swatted it away, then went inside to tell my partner the extremely tedious tail of being bothered by a red-tailed bumblebee and how I had swatted it away.

My partner’s eyes would not focus on mine, which was a bit annoying. He seemed to be staring at my tits. I have itty bitty ones and we’ve been together for a long time, so really!?!

Then I looked down to where his eyes were focused… and there, climbing groggily up my T-shirt, was a red-tailed and rather pissed off bumblebee. I have never screamed so much so openly in my life… and then burst out laughing in such a maniacal way.

The fierce red-tailed bumblebee was very polite about the crazy human nonsense. It waited until I had calmed down, then my partner scooped it up in his hands and gently released it outside.