You Are A Very Clever Person

The title of this post comes from the words within a spam I received. I like reading spam, mostly because my curiosity wants to know what spammers think people want to hear. Why the curiosity? Well…

I grew up around people who used their knowledge of what people wanted to hear, to manipulate those people into doing what they wanted by telling them what would appeal to their ears, then twisting it slightly to get a desired result. It’s actually far easier to do than you would think. We are all far easier to manipulate than we would like to believe that we are.

What makes us vulnerable to manipulation is our unfulfilled needs. If a perceptive person spots our unquenched need thirst, they can use it to lure us into a place we would not have gone had we been thinking with our minds rather than our yearning.

Oh. Hang on. I spot someone who thinks they are invulnerable to manipulation. Wow! You are special. Tell me how you managed to be the way you are, immune to the call of need fulfillment. Oh. I see. You are a very clever person.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. You spotted that, did you? Because most of us, no matter how intelligent we are, have a place within us which is yearning for something we have not been able to find, acquire, have, get… an empty space which needs filling.

There is an actual purpose for this. One which serves us rather than those who would seek to use it to their advantage. But for it to fulfill its purpose, it has to make us vulnerable to the ruthlessness of others. Therein lies the rub.

We try for a greater part of our lives to makes ourselves whole and invulnerable… especially to pain. Humans hate pain of any sort. Makes sense. Yet within our pain lies the healing which we often seek as far outside and away from our pain as we can possibly travel.

Just a thought for now… more in my next post. Warnings issued… my next post is not only a long garbled mess, but it also contains astrology… so those afraid of such things should just move the fuck on. Those afraid of swearing… my next post won’t have that, but this one does.


  1. I like reading spam too and I have had a chuckle now and then as they try to weasel in buttering my toast. I’ve been tempted to post about it as well and glad you did. Where do these spammers come from? What is their life filled with? Spam and spamming? Ugh… Loved this post. Shine on, Ursula.


    • I reckon I could write some pretty awesome spam. We all could, we all know what others want to hear, but is it what we want to say?

      I must admit some spam is so entertaining I feel silly not allowing it to pass through the filter. There was one about beans which… genius! Make me laugh for days after I read it!

      Spammers come from the land of spam wonderful spam (Monty Python reference ๐Ÿ˜‰

      TY, Anna ๐Ÿ˜€


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