Sex With Android Humans From The Future

The title of this piece comes from a dream I had last night. The dream itself wasn’t X-rated, but I’m sure if Freud was around to interpret it that he would find all sorts of sexual meaning within it.

It all started with an inane little dream. I was in my house trying to solve a puzzle. I had found two identical seed pods shaped like garlic bulbs. The pods were opaque and hollow, yet there was something inside. As I examined them, the pods slowly became translucent and I could see that within each one was a strange little creature which looked like a minute rabbit. These creatures made the seed pods jump when placed on a flat surface.

I figured out that what I had to do was place the seed pods together on a surface and hold them close, allowing the friction from the jumping to create a portal between the two pods through which the strange creatures could pass and join together. Why this was necessary and what would happen once the creatures joined I don’t know because as soon as the two rabbits were together in one pod the inane little dream turned into an action film.

A man in uniform burst into the room and ordered me to hand over the pods.

The man, and his colleague who arrived shortly after him, threatened to kill me on the spot if I didn’t do as I was told. They claimed that it was a matter of global security, and that they were the global special police.

I refused to hand over the pods, I knew that if I did the world would lose a very important… something.

A fight of the kind seen in action films ensued. Fists flying, furniture breaking, walls crumbling, people doing impossible things with their bodies and with the bodies of others with no injuries incurred.

At one point I was overpowered by one of the men, we crashed to the ground and rolled around. He was trying to kill me, but as he was doing so the friction of my body against his caused him to become aroused and he started to have sex with me, only it wasn’t sex as we humans know it.

These two men were android humans from the future. They were once human, but the world of the future had moved further and further away from its human roots, losing touch with the physical reality of being connected to and children of Earth, and moved closer to its ideal of being alien gods trapped on an inferior planet to which they were not connected, but could control until they destroyed it. Their sex organs, being the root of human beings, had been the first thing which had been transformed into android parts. So their understanding and experience of sex was mechanical.

The sudden arousal and effort to have sex temporarily disrupted the android’s functioning. He seized up, then lost control over his limbs, and let me go.

I managed to escape from the two androids and make my way outside, calling for help from the people in the street. I knew I couldn’t explain to them what was happening because… apart from how ludicrous it would sound that I was being chased by android humans who had traveled to Earth from the future to get a hold of miniature rabbits in seed pods, and that our destiny relied on keeping them from completing their mission… the people on the street were going about their daily life, so a sudden intrusion of any sort would take them a while to process. Besides all they would see was some half-crazed person being chased by authority figures, and they would not want to intervene because they would logically assume that I was the baddie and that I was the one who had to be stopped.

However the android cops were rattled by the fight which we had had in the house and they had lost some of their android cool. Their exposure to the human world was awakening their dormant human side, which was beginning to override their mechanical side. So they just took out their laser guns and started shooting indiscriminately. This snapped all the people in the street out of their daily routine and chaos ensued.

I spotted a neighbour and rushed to her for help, but she turned out to be another android human from the future who had been on Earth for a while observing me, waiting for me to find the seed pods, then alert her colleagues that they had been found. For some reason only humans could locate these seed pods. She tried to grab me, but I managed to evade her. My human body was quicker than hers because she was weighed down by her mechanical parts.

I rushed back into my house. My partner was there, so were some friends. They knew what was happening and had come to my assistance. The three androids came into the house and another action scene ensued. We managed to overpower them, and I ordered my team to slit the throats of the androids. This was apparently the only way to kill them as their throats were the only part of their body which did not have android armature. I grabbed a jagged piece of metal and was just about to slit the throat of an androids… when the dream began to become lucid, and I interfered with it. So.. it ended in a moral dilemma. Dream me arguing with lucid dream observer me.

I don’t like killing people in my dreams even if they are android humans from the future who have no compunction about killing me. I am allowed to beat people up as it is subconscious stress release, but my dreams always get interrupted by my dream observer when things might get deadly or if the hurt which may be caused will have severe repercussions. I have never cheated on my partner in a dream (or in RL). There have been opportunities in my dreams, my subconscious creations can be very appealing and seductive to my dreaming self as they are designed to be that way and are the embodiment of my desires, but those dreams have always been interrupted by lucid observation and conscious choice. Even in my dreams I stay true to who I am in my waking life.

So… What did this dream mean? Was it a Freudian sex fantasy? I suppose it could be interpreted that way, but it was not. I know exactly where all the elements in the dream came from and why I had it.

Cutting a long and convoluted interpretation – which includes what I was watching on TV, researching on the internet, and all the other influences which shaped the dream – short…

Before I went to sleep I was thinking about how the more that humans seek to become superhuman, to transcend humanness, to escape being human, the more we lose our connection with our planet and thus ravage it, pollute it, mess with it, disrespect nature and natural rhythms, and create for ourselves the circumstances which will lead to the global warming apocalypse which we keep prophesying.


  1. My goodness!!! I have enough trouble remembering what I am doing when I am awake! I am trying to remember the last time I remember a dream, and …it was about having a bodily function….sad eh? I much prefer your dream!! I have just finished reading a book that reads much like your dream, and of course, the humans have magical powers to overcome the alien species that want to consume humans so that their own race can survive. I do agree with your closing paragraph. If we don’t stop trying to be superhuman, and consume all our natural vegetation and natural resources, we will become extinct before any other alien out there finds us.


    • Thank you 🙂 Bodily function dreams are good luck apparently. One of my favourite authors is Philip K. Dick, my dream reminded me of some of his stories, he kind of said the same thing only in a much better way.


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