Tweet #29 – Listening and Speaking

I learned to listen before I learned to speak. I didn’t plan for it to happen that way, it just did as these things do.

I spent many years in silence. I hated the silence. I loved the silence.

Then I learned how to speak. To myself, not to others.

Learning to speak requires an audience, even if it is just an audience of one, even if that one is just you.

Perhaps it is better if the first person who actually listens to you is you.

One person to listen and let you know that your voice is real, live and audible.

Vibrant energy surfing audio waves.

If no one listens to you, you can’t learn how to speak. You can talk, but that is not speaking.

I don’t think many people have learned how to listen, not to themselves, not to others. They hear, but hearing is not listening.

They hear the chatter of their mind, in their head, all around them, coming out of their mouth, and out of mouths of others.

When we hear a sound, it is just a sound. When we listen to that sound, it tells us what it is, where it comes from, and what it means.

I listen to people talking, and I know that they are not listening to themselves. They hear the sound of their voice, they like the sound.

People talk, they like the sound, it’s soothing, rhythmic, but they don’t listen to what they are saying, where it comes from, what it means

When someone talks without listening, they repeat themselves over and over like a broken record. The needle is stuck in a groove.

The sound of a broken record is repetitive, hypnotic. People have heard the sound for so long without listening that they think it is music.

Until you listen to what you are saying, you will keep repeating yourself over and over, like a chant, a mantra, saying please listen to me.

Your voice wants you to do more than just hear it and like its sound, it wants you to listen, to know where it comes from, and what it means