This Goat Has Been Got



I saw this on Pinterest the other day. It caught my eye because I’m a Capricorn. My initial reaction to reading it was to emit a loud chuckle because Capricorn is considered to be the Zodiac sign most likely to be skeptical and least likely to believe in astrology. It is also one of the signs most prone to spotting bullshit and calling it out. And I bet I could find some bullshit the person who wrote this believes in.

Beware of attacking the beliefs of others, because in doing so you make your beliefs vulnerable to attack. You offer them and yourself up for scrutiny. The same holes you see in the beliefs of others exist in yours too.

I have no problem if people don’t believe in the things in which I believe. Who don’t like the things I like. Live and let live makes life easier and more interesting. What I do have a problem with is when someone needs to prove their worth by disproving the worth of another and devaluing something which someone else values.

People who need to take away from others to get something for themselves. Who make themselves feel good by making others feel bad. Who prove that they are right by proving someone else is wrong. Who feel beautiful by making someone else feel ugly. Who are superior by making others inferior. Who are paragons of virtue by pointing out the sins of others. Who draw attention to how positive they are by drawing attention to how negative others are being. Who crown themselves with intelligence by putting a dunce cap on someone else. Who are winners because of losers. Successful due to the failure of another. Happy because others are sad. Perfect because they see imperfection in everyone else. Enlightened because of all those they deem to be unenlightened. Who need to compare themselves to others for their own benefit, lifting themselves up on a pedestal by stepping on others to get there. Who profit at the expense of others.

It’s simple really. If you don’t believe in something, then you don’t believe in it. End of. Focus on your beliefs, nurture them, enjoy them because they enhance your experience of life, don’t focus your attention on what you don’t believe, spend all your time and energy trying to prove a negative, and get your jollies by making others miserable.

I realise it is tempting to do things this way, it’s a short cut, the easy path. However. If your belief needs other beliefs to be destroyed to build it up, then it is an ivory tower built out of rubble and the slightest tremor will cause it to crumble and collapse. Besides, you’re not the only one who builds their tower out of rubble and someone might just decide to destroy your tower to build their own. The easy path is also the quickest route to live in a permanent state of fear of having done to you what you do to others.

And if you’re wondering… yes, I have done this, and I still indulge in the practice every now and then much to my own annoyance and when I catch myself in the act, I call bullshit on myself. I get my own goat a lot.

Mind you…

A statement like the one in this image is not about whether astrology is bullshit or not. I realise it is a joke. A T-shirt slogan. One of many millions floating around on the internet. Cynical wit. And you could replace ‘Capricorn’ with a dozen other words pertaining to a dozen other subjects and beliefs. Still… never a truer word said in jest and I sense a bit of a personal dig in the joke. Someone was stung and is using humour to sting back.

The intention of the writer is made very clear in the first section and the last. He – I’m going with it being a male as the wording is predominantly masculine – was hurt and now he’s lashing out trying to make the person who hurt him feel his pain. His image of himself was wounded and now he is healing it, building it up by destroying the image of another. In an I’m cool because you’re uncool manner. How cool is that!

I wonder if when they were together, in the embrace of love, whether he enjoyed astrology because she enjoyed it. Did he listen to her tell him all about his Zodiac sign, and did he begin to believe it just a little because everything she told him about his sign made him feel rather good about himself? But now that the love has turned to hate, he must reject and hate everything which reminds him of that love and the person he thought loved him.

It’s a very human reaction to loss of love, to the hurt which comes with loss of love. All the things which love opened our minds and hearts to get rejected the second that love is lost and is replaced by hate caused by hurt. Our mind closes once again, tighter than before. Our hearts turn to stone. Our pride is wounded. Our ego is deflated. We are scorned and scornful. Angry. Resentful. Vowing to destroy all that which we foolishly let in because we were a fool in love. Vulnerable. Too open.

So not only is love lost, but all the benefits which love brought with it, and it often leaves us poorer than we were before it arrived. Such is life at times… being human is a tightrope walk between contradictions, over a chasm of the unknown.

I think the thing which amuses me the most about how I found this image was that I was searching for ‘bullshit’ and I found it.



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