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Found this Blogger’s Manifesto on Pinterest. Ah Pinterest! Hours of idle and not so idle fun! A great source of inspiration for possible posts. Especially if you do random searches designed to find things you are not looking for but perhaps need to find to poke yourself out of ritual and habitual lethargy.

I have now created a Secret Board for pins which inspire and instigate a need to write within me. Why a Secret Board? Mainly because… loading… buffering… loading reason… I pin like a maniac at times and can’t keep track of my pins because they cover a variety of ideas, subjects and such.

Many of my pins are images which I love and would like to post on my tumblr… if I can locate the artist or photographer who created the image. I have a rule for my tumblr which I only occasionally break – I can’t post an image if I can’t credit the image to its creator. Cue hours of Google Image searches trying to track down the origin of an image I love. Sometimes I find them, sometimes I don’t. Sad face ensues when I don’t. And sometimes I find a creator who doesn’t want their images shared, but they’ve been shared anyway. Perplexed sad face.

If I pin a pin on my secret board then I know it’s something that I want to write about and expand upon. Someone has hit a chord or discord within me. Inspiration has been triggered. My muse has things to say.

I’m not yet at that stage yet where I’ve run out of things to say in a post for my blogs. In fact I would probably say that at this moment in blogging time I have too much to say, having spent a long time in silence… and the dam has burst. Maybe later I will become… slicker… more… less… you know better than I do.

I do however have moments when I don’t feel like sharing what I have to say and what I have written with others. That is a trait of mine, so I don’t see it as anything other than me being me.

Communicating with myself is easy, communicating with others… gears grinding sound effect. At the moment most of what I write for my blogs is me talking to me hoping I’m listening. However every now and then I am aware that others may be eavesdropping on these conversations and I become self-conscious. I consider writing something for others, conversing with others… and it all goes tits up. I get tongued-tied. My voice loses power and turns into a squeak. It’s a challenge… and other stuff.

Sometimes I find inspiration when I read a post on another blog and decide to comment, but I have too much to say for a comment so I don’t comment at all but turn the comment into a post.

Inspiration is everywhere… and in everyone. Thanks for sharing. Really and truly thank you. Keep sharing… even when you think no one is listening… I am. Someone is.

I’m talking too much yet again… have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Inspiration is certainly all around us … in the big, the small, and everywhere in between 😉 And it is meant to be shared 🙂 It is contagious in the best way possible. Thanks for the wonderful reminder and have an inspired day!


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