A Wander Through the Music I Grew Up With – Warning – May Damage Eardrums and Unsettle Brainwaves

Sometimes I’m very silly, sometimes I’m very serious, sometimes I’m standing on a wobbly bridge in between the two. Since at the moment things keep bringing me back home, sort of, to things I once knew, heard, read, saw… We all have an internal soundtrack, a compilation of songs we love, liked, and songs we never liked but lodged themselves in our mind forever and which like to remind us they are there… here are some of my internal soundtrack songs, the ones I heard as a child… just a bit of random nonsense…enjoy or run away screaming.

Because I grew up in the 70’s… no idea what this is about.

Middle of the Road – Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Because I was encouraged to learn French… a song about a woman given a very tiny husband by her father.

Mon Pere m’a donne un mari

Because I had to learn Italian… a song about a much loved dead cat.

Maramao perché sei morto (1939, Consiglio, Panzeri)

Because I had a regular Japanese babysitter… this song is permanently stuck in my brain but I don’t understand Japanese. It’s kawaii (o^_^o)

Kikumaru Eiji – Omocha no cha cha cha

And finally… because I adored this cartoon and martial arts. But I always heard the lyrics as… Hong Kong Phooey never was a super guy. I preferred my version.

Hong Kong Phooey Cartoon Intro

So, what are some of your internal soundtrack songs?