Holy Pluto Batman!

Bane quote - The Dark Knight Rises

I watched The Dark Knight Rises the other day… I know… I’m late to parties, that’s my way.

What struck me the most about the film was the heavy Pluto influence. If you want to understand Pluto and how it works, then The Dark Knight Rises is a film I would recommend.

Every character has to face a Pluto challenge in one form or another. Some more successfully than others. If such a thing exists, with Pluto that is very questionable.

I’m not going to spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it. I won’t tell you which character I think embodies Pluto the most… that would definitely be a spoiler.

So, no natal Pluto in Virgo analysis will be forthcoming.

You may just think that I’m projecting my natal Pluto in the 1st house of identity and self on everything I see. I do. It is part of my contract with that position.

Whenever someone asks me about Pluto… I tend to direct them to the myth of Hades and Persephone. It is what helped me to understand the astrological meaning, and psychological effect, of the planet the most. There are other myths which are just as deeply expressive of such a dark and mysterious energy.

But I love mythology… there are many who do not. Myth can be found in popular culture… the myth of Pluto can definitely be found screaming loudly in this film.

I know quite a few people who think they know Pluto, who claim to be Plutonic… maybe they are or maybe they are just mistaking Scorpio for Pluto. The two have similarities, but Pluto drives a much harder bargain than Scorpio does. Scorpio is quite fluffy compared to Pluto. I sort of know, I have both very dominant in my chart. Scorpio allows me to know it, Pluto likes to let me think I know it… but do I really know it, even when I think I embody it due to the 1st house placement? No, I don’t… you can’t know Pluto, but Pluto knows you… more than you do. It is infinite darkness transforming itself into…

What’s your take on Pluto, please share… I am always seeking greater understanding of the unfathomable.


  1. i find your astrological analysis of the dark knight rises interesting…. just wondering who you would place as pluto…


    • Thank you. I think Miranda is the character who embodies Pluto the most, the story of her life is typical of Pluto, how, why and where she was born, being forced to fend for herself from an early age, surviving the way she did, her relationship with Bane, the way she permeates the entire film with very little screen time, her ability to keep transforming herself no matter what happens to her, and the primal pain which drives her but which she keeps very well hidden.

      That’s my take on it anyway, based on how I experience Pluto’s energy due to where it is in my natal chart and what it aspects.

      I think each person must find their own version of Pluto, the one which speaks to them of how they experience it’s energy. It’s creating a personal connection between you and the planets so as to understand them better.

      So, who would you consider to be the most Pluto character in this film or in another one?


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