Internet Treasures: CATS!

I just read an excellent post via Freshly Pressed – Conversations with Cats by The Chowder Head – and laughed until I needed to use a litter box.

Yes, I have… I am totally owned and pawned by a cat. So cat humour is my refuge from the complexity of  living with a cat. I grew up with cats. They were there before I was there. They adopted me, taught me their ways… much to the dismay of the humans who thought they owned us.

I used to have a pic of my very infant self sprawled on the ground, stretching, next to the two stretching Siamese cats which were my Senseis. There you go… I’m a baby who was brought up by cats while my parents were not paying attention to the influences influencing me.

I do love a deep satisfying chuckle… and a deep satisfying chuckle with cat humour is extra funny and lovely. So I’m sharing a few of my best cat humour places… you probably know them already, but if you don’t, here goes:

1/ Simon’s Cat

Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat

2/ Cat Versus Human

cat versus human

My number one reason for procrastinating by Yasmine

3/ Pusheen the Cat

pusheen the cat

Expectation vs Reality by Pusheen

I know, there are more… so many more… yes, yes, I can haz cheesy puffs… but my cat does not like cheese, cream or milk. So dem are ma rulz!

Enjoy! Have a laugh or larf! Forget being human for a bit or two bits!


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