A Moment of Dragonfly Zen


FlyingDragon by MoonVooDoo

I’ve been neglecting my photography recently. I have my reasons. Not sure if I accept them, but I’ve learned not to force myself to do something just because I think I should be doing it. It won’t work out if I put pressure on myself. I rebel just as much against my own rules as I do with other rules made by others. Perhaps more so… because I should know better.

This is one of several dragonflies who live in and around my garden.

One year I watched a dragonfly laying eggs on a tree trunk which had fallen into the pond and become a feature there, a much loved hiding spot for newts, hunting spot for frogs, access point to the water for birds and scurrying beasts, and a hub for many insects.

I love to see the dance dragonflies do when they hunt the sky, and when they mate. They are fairly fearless of humans and you can get quite close before they dart off. A tiny blue one landed beside my head when I was lying reading in the sun last weekend. Occasionally if you stand in the path of their hunting line they will zip by so closely you can hear the hum of their wings.

This photo could have been so much better… but I had just woken up and I was caught up in enjoying observing the beautiful dragon who flies… before it occurred to me to capture its image. It is usually wiser if I don’t do things when my brain is still blurred by sleep… can be funny though. This shot had two big fingerprints on it because I forgot to wipe the lens… quite an interesting blur effect. Not really. Maybe.

Never mind… why worry about such things. The moment is gone, giving way to other moments, each moment carrying with it new adventures and beauty to behold, discover, enjoy. Enjoy!



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