Don’t Mess With Me During Mars versus Pluto Weekend

So… I got this message in my inbox on my tumblr:

“Good Afternoon! I think what you are doing is great, however purely creating a blog on your sun sign will make Pluto in Capricorn very angry. If you are a serious astrologer, I beg you to find your rising, your north node, your ascendant, and other planet placements that may possibly be in CAPRICORN! For to be a true Capricorn you must have these placements and if not you’re just a cheap 1970’s hippie selling tarot card reader. Please find your truth!”

It was from a blog which does not follow mine. That was obvious before I checked. Had they been following my tumblr or bothered to even glance at my tumblr, they would be aware of several things:

1/ My tumblr is not about my Sun Sign. Yes, I am a Capricorn… why are you messing with a Capricorn, don’t you know they are the Devil according to Tarot. Sheesh! Before you diss someone or something, know it inside out first.

2/ I am not an astrologer, serious or otherwise, and I have mentioned this in my posts several times. I do however love astrology and use it to get to know myself better. I know myself really quite well… you didn’t bother to find this out. A Capricorn always finds out who they are dealing with before they deal with them.

3/ I write all the time about every aspect, planetary placement, etc of my natal chart. This writing can be found on my tumblr. Hello! You want Pluto, you just found a rather annoyed expression of it. If you’d bothered to check out my astrology posts you’d know that I have natal Pluto in the first… uh oh! And it’s in an Earth sign… do your astro on that!

4/ I get pissed off very easily and rant about it on my blog. If you think making Pluto in Capricorn angry is bad…

5/ Don’t tell me what to do or not to do… please, thank you, much love natal Pluto & Uranus conjunct in the 1st house.

6/ I have Mars in Scorpio, repeatedly mentioned in my astrology posts… those with Mars in Scorpio tend to be rather proud of such a placement… and I can rip you a new one free of charge. I can dissect you and leave you in little pieces as it is in the 3rd. My mind is a machine created by a Bond villain. I tend to only use this machine when people ask for it. Usually I wait for people to ask several times because I realise people are not always aware of the consequences of their actions and words… still… my patience has so many fucks it can give. The way to kill Bond is not to tell him about how you’re going to do it first or why, just do it. FFS!

7/ Truth… hmmm…. A person who starts off a message with a compliment which then turns into a criticism and then a threat after that is not someone I would consider had actually grasped the concept of truth.

I could go on, but I won’t. Astrology blogs are warning that this weekend is a bit of a danger zone. Mars in Cancer is Opposing Pluto in Capricorn, and Squaring Uranus in Aries. The Moon is up to shenanigans too. So emotions are volatile and common sense is a much needed balm for inflamed emotions.

Thanks to having Mercury in Aquarius and a Virgo Moon in the 12th house, I can easily detach from my emotions and hide what I am feeling with ease. I can pick and choose what to feel and what not to feel. I can be a sociopath or an empath at will. The options I usually give myself in most situations are Ignore, Destroy or Understand. I tend to opt for understanding, it’s the more interesting of the three and leads to a more fulfilling existence, except when it doesn’t. And usually understanding embraces a certain amount of ignoring and destruction.

My first reaction to this message was – WTF are they talking about? Then I wondered if they’d messaged the wrong blog. Then I figured it was an attention seeking ploy. Well, you got my attention, now what? Did you really think this through or just do it on a whim? Oh, perhaps you enjoy stirring people up. A WUM. A bit of a control freak who gets off on your ability to wind people up and watch them go. Well, I’m a bit of a lose my control freak, I get off on losing my shit all over the place. Very liberating. Scares the fuck out of people. Funny!

I remember a while ago when I was on Twitter there was a porn bot whose bio read: I will destroy you. It made me chuckle. I would think – Trying to destroy me will destroy you. My totem animal is a cockroach. I’m really quite good at pretending to die, destroying myself, just so you’ll go away. Pluto with a very strong dose of Scorpio. I’m a goat with a sting. I usually use it on myself and not on others…. unless… your choice.

I know this person is probably a lovely soul seeking to be acknowledged and stuff like that… sigh… I’m also usually very easy-going. I’ve learned to be that way. It makes life easier and relationships more fun.

However recently I’ve been putting up with a lot of shit from people messing with me. People trying to use the good bits of me against me as a weapon… that weapon has quite a vicious recoil when used.

Just saying… this is all I’m saying… for now… truce… and that is my truth.

Why do people never take me seriously when I warn them about myself? Is it because I do it with a smile? Don’t they realise I am smiling because I am fantasising about what I’d do to them if they don’t head the warning? It’s probably the laugh after the smile, because I know I won’t follow through on all the things I could do because I’m too lazy and too fucking kind even though… Silly.

Have a nice weekend, watch out for those emotions, keep the mind alert… and yet… enjoy!



  1. I have absolutely no idea what you have written, but I am interested in understanding ….how do you know about all of this astrology and planets in this and that corner etc? It sounds really complicated…would you be able to suss me out by plotting me or is this a personal exploration tool?


    • Hi. You can suss yourself out using the same tools I have used. I recommend sussing yourself out over having someone else suss you out.

      Astrology is like any other subject, if you want to know how it works the information is freely available. It seems more complicated than it actually is. You’ll pick it up quickly. And there are some very good astrologers on WP.

      Start with your birth data, get your chart done, best free and instant place to do that is Astrodienst. It’s a do-it-yourself website, but it also offers a do-it-for-you service for a fee. That website also has a free and interactive – astro click portrait – which will give you an idea of what all the planets and placements mean. That’s where the fun begins because it opens a dialogue within yourself to discover yourself.

      I prefer astrology to psychology because it is more flexible and open-minded. There are more options for self awareness and self understanding.

      If you have any questions, let me know. I’m happy to help.

      ❤ Ursula


  2. Thanks for the links..I enjoy learning new things, and your posts are the first time I have come across astrology written in such a way…sure, everyone knows about star signs etc, but all your talk about pluto and 3rd movement into mercury (I made that up but you know what I mean) etc. made me curious to learn….

    Yeah, ‘suss’ probably wrong word to use…I meant offer some guidance on how I might explore this and you offered it, so thanks

    mmm, yeh psychology isn’t something I admire all that much…Im sure it had good intentions to begin with but now its just another malicious control tool I think…although there is still some relevance if used wisely….astrology is something I have had on my to do list to learn in more depth, but I must admit I put it to one side until your vent just now – ‘dont mess with me during mars vs pluto!” lol it did make me smile…and one I will try and remember next time I have a fight 🙂


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