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Your life matters, even when you think it doesn’t. You are powerful, even when you think you aren’t. You are beautiful, amazing, beautiful, powerful, and awesome. If you think you aren’t, then it is something you have yet to discover.

There is a reason why I used the word beautiful twice to describe you, it was very deliberate, can you guess why?

My main reason for using the word beautiful twice to describe you, is that I feel very strongly about each person understanding the extent of their personal power. Claiming ownership of your beauty is one of the rituals of claiming ownership of your personal power. Owning your personal power is very important. For you, and for all those whose lives you touch. And you touch many lives, not just those of the people you know, but those of people you may never know. Our lives send ripples across the world.

Society is obsessed with power, but mostly it is outer power, control, stealing the power of others to feel powerful and making them feel powerless. There is no need for that. We each have enough personal power within us to more than satisfy our need for power. But we have been misled to believe that we are powerless, and the only way to fill that void is by stealing other people’s energy. Beauty is energy. So we steal beauty by making others feel ugly. And others steal our beauty by making us feel ugly.

So what is ugliness. Ugliness is beauty too. It is how beauty feels when it is not allowed to be expressed. When it is frustrated. Unappreciated. Unacknowledged. Misunderstood. When it is judged by the eyes of the mind, analysed, categorised, cut up into parts, put under a microscope, turned into a formula. All things which are considered ugly by the mind, are beautiful when viewed through the eyes of the soul.

There is so much focus on outer beauty in the media to the point where when we look at ourselves we find ourselves to be lacking the needed elements to be considered outwardly beautiful by others. We diminish ourselves in our own eyes. We put ourselves down. We deny ourselves the pleasure and power of being beautiful. We are all beautiful beautiful. Beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside.

The media’s idea of beauty is warped. Not just psychologically warped, but physically warped too. Most of the photographs the media uses are photo-manipulated. We all know this by now, but we still allow ourselves to be affected by the images. We are encouraged to be judgmental. To judge our beauty and the beauty of others based on them. It is very difficult not to, as the images are everywhere we look and act as subliminal hypnotism. Even the people who are in the photographs are affected by the idealised version of themselves, which is why so many of them put themselves in the hands of plastic surgeons and often fuck up their natural beauty.

I post pictures of physically beautiful women and men on my tumblr. Most of the creators of those images have them tagged on their websites as digital art, photo-manipulation, fine art, fantasy. That is exactly what they are. The images are not about the person in them they are about the person behind the image, they are the artistic expressions of those who created them, they reflect the inner beauty of their creator. And that applies to a self-portrait too. It is a creative expression of the creator’s creativity.

One of the reasons that what we see when we look at ourselves, in a photograph, a mirror, sometimes disappoints our expectations of what we thought we would see is because we are so much more than the captured image of ourselves. We know that we are beautiful, we just wish we could see ourselves as we know ourselves to be, to prove it to ourselves, and when we can’t and don’t we have a pause of self-doubt. Are we just imagining it to make ourselves feel better. No. It’s not an illusion, it is real, but it can’t be captured, it can only be felt inside. That is the challenge. To know that we are beautiful, powerful, and unique without being able to prove it. Real power doesn’t need to prove itself because it knows itself to be real.

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