Big Things and Little Things

C.W.Wallace quote

Listen to the Little Stuff by SpirituallyThinking

Isn’t this true for adults too? I find it is with myself and with others.

Most of the time I think that interactions are not so much about what is being said as they are about being listened to. Having the attention of another human being and feeling that not only can they hear you but they are listening to you, absorbing your words into themselves, willingly, and they are seeing you, acknowledging your presence, confirming your existence.

That moment allows us to know that we are not as invisible as we sometimes believe ourselves to be.

But the words being said are important, they may not appear that way, they may seem banal… a tale about a paper cut on a finger… a story about lost house keys… scraps of a dream… an account about the choosing of a melon… a yarn about a cold call… the sort of things which happen to all of us every moment of every day and because of this we consider them ordinary and sometimes insignificant. Small things.

If you really listen to the small things which people say, which you say, you can detect far more to it, the big things hidden within them, the larger picture behind the smaller one, the shout behind the whisper.

Sometimes the small things are far more important than the big ones because the big ones are made up of a gathering of small things, accumulating over time, the snowball the size of a pea which rolls down a mountain slowly turning into a boulder that eventually annihilates everything in its path.

We sometimes reveal more of ourselves in the small things, because we are safe, no one will notice… yet we wish deep within that they would, that we would too.

And sometimes the only way we can listen to ourselves is when someone else shows us how. If they take heed of the smaller things, so can we, and perhaps we can figure out what it is we are trying to tell ourselves with everything we say and do.

Often by expressing the small things we realise they are the big things, and by expressing the big things we realise they are small things… it is so hard to tell when they are trapped inside our heads, our hearts… the interior landscape distorts perspective… and sometimes that internal distorted perspective affects how we see the world outside of us too.